Definitions of Conned

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Usage examples for Conned

  1. For a time his plans matured, but, as he conned them well over, he began to make his preparations, recognising that, if he allowed many more days to pass, the relief column from the south would be an additional and important factor in his scheme of operations. – The Siege of Mafeking (1900) by J. Angus Hamilton
  2. I fancy that most boys do not love the grinding of school life- the lessons to be conned the close application during study hours. – Men of Iron by Ernie Howard Pyle
  3. Strangely enough Johnnie Consadine, who had no knowledge of any other life except through a few well- conned books, appreciated the values of this mountain existence with almost the detached view of an outsider. – The Power and the Glory by Grace MacGowan Cooke
  4. Barry had watched the pilotage coming up, and conned his ship down with the knowledge gained, bringing up abreast of the swampy creek pointed out by Vandersee shortly after the noon meal. – Gold Out of Celebes by Aylward Edward Dingle
  5. Their scholars, in the darkest depth of the dark ages, prized and conned a famous copy of the Pandects of Justinian; and their seamen deserved the fame of having first used, if they did not actually invent, the compass. – Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Vol III. by John Symonds