Definitions of conclusion

  1. have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical; " the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed"; " Your rights stop where you infringe upon the rights of other"; " My property ends by the bushes"; " The symphony ends in a pianissimo"
  2. the last section of a communication; " in conclusion I want to say..."
  3. the temporal end; the concluding time; " the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell"; " the market was up at the finish"; " they were playing better at the close of the season"
  4. the act of making up your mind about something; " the burden of decision was his"; " he drew his conclusions quickly"
  5. the act of ending something; " the termination of the agreement"
  6. an intuitive assumption; " jump to a conclusion"
  7. a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration; " a decision unfavorable to the opposition"; " his conclusion took the evidence into account"; " satisfied with the panel's determination"
  8. the proposition arrived at by logical reasoning ( such as the proposition that must follow from the major and minor premises of a syllogism)
  9. a final settlement; " the conclusion of a business deal"; " the conclusion of the peace treaty"
  10. The last part of anything; close; termination; end.
  11. Final decision; determination; result.
  12. Any inference or result of reasoning.
  13. The inferred proposition of a syllogism; the necessary consequence of the conditions asserted in two related propositions called premises. See Syllogism.
  14. Drawing of inferences.
  15. An experiment, or something from which a conclusion may be drawn.
  16. The end or close of a pleading, e. g., the formal ending of an indictment, " against the peace," etc.
  17. An estoppel or bar by which a person is held to a particular position.
  18. A final determination; result; inference; judgment; the closing part, as of a discussion; end.
  19. Act of concluding: the end, close, or last part: inference: judgment.
  20. End; inference; determination.
  21. The act of concluding; termination; end; inference; decision.
  22. The close or end; the sum; logical inference; final decision; experiment.
  23. End; close; inference or consequence; final determination or judgment.

Quotes of conclusion

  1. We cannot say that if a child is badly nourished he will become a criminal. We must see what conclusion the child has drawn. – Alfred Adler
  2. We should be proud of liberating the 26 million people in Iraq and should remember that this is why it is important to stick it out to it's successful conclusion – Evan Bayh
  3. The so -called Beat Generation was a whole bunch of people, of all different nationalities, who came to the conclusion that society sucked. – John Clellon Holmes
  4. I came to the conclusion that I am not a fiction writer. – Tim LaHaye
  5. Any person without invincible prejudice who had the same experience would come to the same broad conclusion viz., that things hitherto held impossible do actually occur. – Oliver Joseph Lodge
  6. The only conclusion you can draw from the real historical movement is that by and large, in day -to -day life, what Lenin called trade union consciousness dominates the working class. I would call it elementary class consciousness of the working class. – Ernest Mandel
  7. There's a certain kind of motion and pacing that our music has, and this just doesn't have that. We just kind of rushed to the conclusion of most of the songs. I just would've preferred to done them over. – Branford Marsalis
  8. After I set out to refute Christianity intellectually and couldn't, I came to the conclusion the Bible was true and Jesus Christ was God's Son. – Josh McDowell
  9. People mistakenly assume that their thinking is done by their head; it is actually done by the heart which first dictates the conclusion then commands the head to provide the reasoning that will defend it. – Anthony de Mello
  10. No, I don't want you to draw any conclusion I want you to listen to what I just said. – Joe Morgan
  11. No one should ever say that it was my ignorance if I did or showed forth anything however small according to God's good pleasure; but let this be your conclusion and let it so be thought, that- as is the perfect truth- it was the gift of God. – Saint Patrick
  12. I wish it were simply a nightmare, but I think that any reasonable person watching American politics would come to the conclusion that a second Bush administration would in fact incorporate a more radicalized version of what we've seen in the first administration. – Robert Reich
  13. Finally, in conclusion let me say just this. – Peter Sellers

Usage examples for conclusion

  1. What made you jump to the conclusion – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  2. Nevertheless, no conclusion could possibly have been more mistaken. – Equality by Edward Bellamy
  3. Clear was I then, as I am now, in my conclusion – The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Jefferson Davis
  4. " A false conclusion on your part," said Browne as he lit a cigar. – The Red Rat's Daughter by Guy Boothby
  5. I would rather leave the conclusion to yourself. – New-Arabian-Nights by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  6. I am content with the conclusion that something more than half of the checks deposited in 1909 were in New York. – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
  7. And now, can there be a conclusion to this work? – Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research by Michael Sage
  8. This is Dewey's conclusion – John Dewey's logical theory by Delton Thomas Howard
  9. " That is the conclusion I have come to about you," I remarked. – Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi by George H. Devol
  10. By that time Dion had come to the conclusion that she had forgotten about the matter. – In the Wilderness by Robert Hichens
  11. Having done so, there could be but one conclusion as to the quarter from which the shock was received. – Across the Zodiac by Percy Greg
  12. The committee, said he, report no facts whatever, and give us no conclusion – History of the Thirty-Ninth Congress of the United States by Wiliam H. Barnes
  13. Such indeed was the question I asked myself, but I must say I could arrive at no satisfactory conclusion – Expedition into Central Australia by Charles Sturt
  14. " I am sorry that we cannot come to some more friendly conclusion since we are to be neighbours," she remarked. – Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life by Arthur Conan Doyle
  15. It was a wise conclusion but it did not help the afternoon to pass. – The Window-Gazer by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
  16. Well, I have been thinking it over, said his father, and I have come to the conclusion that perhaps it would be better, much as it will pain you, to let you know the truth. – The Childerbridge Mystery by Guy Boothby
  17. It was easy enough then to bring the affair to a conclusion – A Lieutenant at Eighteen by Oliver Optic
  18. So I began to guess a good many things, and, among the rest, I came to the conclusion that I could never truly love you, John Mark. – Ronicky Doone by Max Brand
  19. And it was a very wise conclusion – Monsieur Lecoq by Emile Gaboriau
  20. I will let you know about it as soon as we come to any conclusion – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle