Quotes of concession

  1. The Government and the Parliament, even the House of Lords, will consent to a large increase of electors; and men who have not considered the subject fully will imagine they have gained much by the concession – John Bright
  2. Each concession we make is accompanied by an inner diminution of which we are not immediately conscious. – Emile M. Cioran
  3. You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that way. – Anthony Eden
  4. Do you know that the ready concession of minor points is a part of the grace of life? – Henry Harland
  5. Once you consent to some concession you can never cancel it and put things back the way they are. – Howard Hughes
  6. I have to say I've worked very few days of my life. I used to have to cut the lawn, and when I was in junior high school, I worked at a concession stand at a stadium. – Steve Nash
  7. I'm six foot four and a half and I have a temper. It's reserved for very important issues. If someone is asking me to make an artistic concession then I'll become a madman. – Tim Robbins
  8. Conciliation is not capitulation, nor is compromise to be deemed equivalent to imbalanced concession – Jalal Talabani

Usage examples for concession

  1. He did not explain that the dinner was really a thoughtful concession to his companion. – When A Man's A Man by Harold Bell Wright
  2. This would be positively the last concession to the Dream. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  3. But while the demand for reform seemed to have grown weaker and its concession more remote, the aspect of foreign affairs was much more favourable. – A Short History of English Liberalism by Walter Lyon Blease
  4. But he would make no concession he stood upon his rights. – A Country Gentleman and his Family by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant
  5. Estelle could hardly hide her satisfaction at this unexpected concession – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts
  6. During the train passage, he made the concession of keeping away from Bertram, and grouped himself off in the other double seat. – The Readjustment by Will Irwin
  7. At last, without compromise, and equally without the slightest concession to the natural human passion for vindication, the momentous step had been taken. – The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush by Francis Lynde
  8. " All right," said he, as though making a decent concession – Command by William McFee
  9. In the first place, a man whose bill is paid for him always makes some concession to the man who pays it. – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  10. You refuse the concession of land, Sir? – Temporal Power by Marie Corelli
  11. Her power of cold reticence; which she could employ at will, was something that fascinated him almost as much as that habit of impulsive concession which seemed to came neither from her will nor her reason. – April Hopes by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  12. But how had that concession been received by the people of Ireland? – Maxims And Opinions Of Field-Marshal His Grace The Duke Of Wellington, Selected From His Writings And Speeches During A Public Life Of More Than Half A Century by Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
  13. At this gloomy moment Clara hoped to win over her father by a last concession – The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2 by Rupert Hughes
  14. France had been forced to her concession by war. – American Merchant Ships and Sailors by Willis J. Abbot
  15. I was told that he had gone back to his concession – Boy Scouts in an Airship by G. Harvey Ralphson
  16. My husband is to go back when he has- what you call it- established his claim- concession – A Little Girl in Old Quebec by Amanda Millie Douglas
  17. You'll have to make that concession to the world, my darling. – Burning Sands by Arthur Weigall
  18. There was to be no concession to imagination, none to convention, none to that insidious form of human weakness known as good taste. – Quick Action by Robert W. Chambers
  19. They could obtain not one single solitary tariff concession – The Canadian Commonwealth by Agnes C. Laut
  20. They would concede nothing, and would stand up and fight if the word concession were named to them. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope