Definitions of con

  1. kon, v.t. to study carefully: to commit to memory:-- pr.p. con'ning; pa.p. conned.-- n. CON'NING, learning by heart; poring over. [ A.S. cunnian, to try to know-- cunnan, to know.]
  2. CONN, kon, kun, v.t. to direct the steering of a ship.-- n. the act of conning.-- ns. CON'NING, directing the steering; CON'NING-TOW'ER, the pilot-house of a war-ship. [ Prob. conn. with preceding.]
  3. kon, n. a knock. [ Fr. cogner, to knock.]
  4. C. ( over): study; learn by heart.
  5. Direct steering of ship; conning-tower, shot-proof pilot-house of ironclad. [ French]
  6. ( It.). With( esp. Mus.), as c. brio( spirit), espressione( expression), fuoco( fire), moto( spirited movement).