Definitions of commission

  1. To empower; to send with authority; to confer military or naval rank or authority.
  2. To give a commission to: to appoint.
  3. To give a commission to.
  4. To give a commission to; appoint; empower; delegate.
  5. place an order for
  6. put into commission; equip for service; of ships
  7. To authorize; to give a commission to. To put a ship into commission, in the navy, to man and equip it for service. To put the great seal into commission, to place it in the hands of commissioners during the period that intervenes between the going out of one lord keeper and the accession of another. See Commit.
  8. To empower; to give authority to; to depute.
  9. the act of committing a crime
  10. a group of representatives or delegates
  11. a fee for services rendered based on a percentage of an amount received or collected or agreed to be paid ( as distinguished from a salary); " he works on commission"
  12. the state of being in good working order and ready for operation; " put the ships into commission"; " the motor was out of commission"
  13. a special assignment that is given to a person or group; " a confidential mission to London"; " his charge was deliver a message"
  14. a special group delegated to consider some matter; " a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle
  15. charge with a task
  16. The act of committing, doing, or performing; the act of perpetrating.
  17. The act of intrusting; a charge; instructions as to how a trust shall be executed.
  18. The duty or employment intrusted to any person or persons; a trust; a charge.
  19. A formal written warrant or authority, granting certain powers or privileges and authorizing or commanding the performance of certain duties.
  20. The acting under authority of, or on account of, another.
  21. The thing to be done as agent for another; as, I have three commissions for the city.
  22. The brokerage or allowance made to a factor or agent for transacting business for another; as, a commission of ten per cent on sales. See Del credere.
  23. To give a commission to; to furnish with a commission; to empower or authorize; as, to commission persons to perform certain acts; to commission an officer.
  24. To send out with a charge or commission.
  25. The entrusting of business to anyone; the act of doing or committing; a trust; a charge; the warrant by which anything is done; one or more persons appointed to perform certain specified duties; brokerage or allowance; a document conferring military or naval rank or authority; a body of persons empowered to act under public authority; as, this city is governed by a commission.
  26. Act of committing: that which is committed: a writing conferring certain powers: authority: charge or fee to an agent, etc. for transacting business: one or more persons appointed to perform certain duties.
  27. Act of committing; writing conferring powers; authority; charge; something to be done for another; fee for transacting business; persons appointed to perform duties.
  28. The act of committing; a trust; charge.
  29. A document conferring rank or authority, or the rank or authority conferred.
  30. A body of persons acting under public authority.
  31. Agency, or the compensation of an agent.
  32. The act of committing; the act of perpetrating; the act of entrusting; the thing entrusted or committed; power and authority given; a writing from proper authority, given to a person as his warrant for exercising certain powers, or the performance of any duty; a number of persons joined in an office or trust; the state of acting under authority in the purchase and sale of goods for another; allowance made to a factor, commission merchant, or other agent, for transacting business.
  33. The act of doing or committing anything; the state of acting by authority for another; the fee allowed and paid to an agent for the sale of property or goods; one or more persons appointed to perform certain duties; a written warrant or authority for exercising certain powers; an order; authority given.