Definitions of collegiate

  1. A collegian.
  2. A member of a college. A collegiate church, one that has no bishop's see, but has its college of dean, canons, and prebends, and is regulated, in matters of divine service, as a cathedral.
  3. of or resembling or typical of a college or college students; " collegiate living"; " collegiate attitudes"; " collegiate clothes"
  4. Of or pertaining to a college.
  5. Pertaining to or resembling a college: containing a college, as a town: instituted like a college.
  6. Pertaining to a college or collegians.
  7. Pertaining to a college.
  8. Containing a college; instituted after the manner of a college; collegiate church, a church built and endowed for a corporate body, having dean, canons, prebends, & c., like a cathedral, but not a bishop's see; in Scotland, a church with two ministers of equal rank.