Definitions of co

  1. a hard ferromagnetic silver- white bivalent or trivalent metallic element; a trace element in plant and animal nutrition
  2. a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances; absorbed from the air by plants in photosynthesis
  3. an odorless very poisonous gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon
  4. a state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains
  5. one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience
  6. A form of the prefix com-, signifying with, together, in conjunction, joint. It is used before vowels and some consonants. See Com-.
  7. With; together See COM-. Co is often joined to purely English words; as, comate, copartner, corespondent ( distinguished from correspondent).
  8. A prefix of Latin origin; ao abbreviation for company. See Con.
  9. A form of the prefix con, and means, with; together; together with; co is used before a vowel and h, as coalesce, cohabit, and is often separated from the word by a hyphen, as co- operate, co- partner; in math., co is an abbreviation of complement, as co- latitude, co- sine, co- tangent. Note.- The prefix con assumes the various forms of co, cog, col, com, cor, according to the first letter of the second element of the compound; but, 1, con becomes com before b and p, as combustion, compel; 2, con is retained before j and v, except in comfort, as conflict, convene; 3, con is retained before t, d, q, g, and s, as content, condole, conquest, congeal, consent.

Usage examples for co

  1. It requires a definite co- operation with business. – The War After the War by Isaac Frederick Marcosson
  2. Others admit, at least, a co- reference to the prophet the Lord. – Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions, v. 1 by Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg
  3. The agents will be along about then- Sauers and Co. – Mr. Trunnell by T. Jenkins Hains
  4. Look at your Co- Citizens now. – The Co-Citizens by Corra Harris
  5. May I rely on your co- operation? – The Old Man in the Corner by Baroness Orczy
  6. Towards the close of autumn, he again left the Maumee; and, followed by four hundred warriors, journeyed westward, to visit in succession the different tribes, and gain their co- operation in his plans of final defence. – The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman
  7. London, Longmans, Green and Co. – Studies in Literature and History by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall
  8. He was by himself, Sequence and the " Co." – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  9. This knowledge enabled him to keep up more than the show of co- operation with the French in matters which concerned the welfare of the people. – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  10. Fisse, Thirion, and Co. – Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines by Henry Vizetelly
  11. They would ask him who the Co. – In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses by Henry Lawson
  12. " I only ask your co- operation," he returned confidently. – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young
  13. He succeeded, however, in getting the active aid and co- operation of Messrs. – The-Life-of-Phineas-T-Barnum by Benton, Joel
  14. Is the Cascade Development and Securities Co. – The Danger Mark by Robert W. Chambers
  15. It holds back something until all parts are co- ordinated and " does the thing shall breed the thought." – Browning and the Dramatic Monologue by S. S. Curry
  16. " But-" " Thanks for your co- operation, lieutenant," Malone said. – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett
  17. When, however, Percy and Co. – The Cock-House at Fellsgarth by Talbot Baines Reed
  18. This inventory was taken without the co- operation of the padre, who refused to sign it. – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James
  19. Mr. Bond, of the firm of Gillows and Co. – The Bushman Life in a New Country by Edward Wilson Landor
  20. The attack was not properly conducted owing to a jealousy amongst some of the generals, and there was not proper co- operation. – My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War by Ben Viljoen