Definitions of clutch

  1. To seize or grasp.
  2. To grasp; grip.
  3. To snatch or seize; with at.
  4. hold firmly, usually with one's hands; " She clutched my arm when she got scared"
  5. To double in the fingers, and compress them together; to seize; to grasp.
  6. To seize firmly with the hand; to gripe; to grasp.
  7. Paws or talons; hands.
  8. the act of grasping; " he released his clasp on my arm"; " he has a strong grip for an old man"; " she kept a firm hold on the railing"
  9. a pedal that operates a clutch
  10. a number of birds hatched at the same time
  11. a tense critical situation; " he is a good man in the clutch"
  12. A gripe or clinching with, or as with, the fingers or claws; seizure; grasp.
  13. A device which is used for coupling shafting, etc., so as to transmit motion, and which may be disengaged at pleasure.
  14. Any device for gripping an object, as at the end of a chain or tackle.
  15. The nest complement of eggs of a bird.
  16. To close tightly; to clinch.
  17. The hands, claws, or talons, in the act of grasping firmly; - often figuratively, for power, rapacity, or cruelty; as, to fall into the clutches of an adversary.
  18. To seize, clasp, or gripe with the hand, hands, or claws; - often figuratively; as, to clutch power.
  19. A grasp; a hand or claw in the act of seizure; often used in the plural; as, keep out of his clutches; a device for gripping or holding; a device for coupling; as, an automobile clutch.
  20. A grasp or grip: seizure:- pl. CLUTCHES, the hands or paws: cruelty: rapacity.
  21. A grasp; gripe; claw.
  22. A powerful grasp; tight grip; an attempt at seizure.
  23. A talon, claw, paw, or hand.
  24. A device for transmitting power, as by friction.
  25. A setting of eggs; a brood.
  26. A griping or pinching with the fingers; grasp; seizure; a projecting tooth, or other piece of machinery, for connecting shafts with each other, or with wheels, so that they may be disengaged at pleasure.
  27. A firm grasp or griping with the hands by tightening the fingers; a seizure; a grasp.