Definitions of clock

  1. To call, as a hen. See Cluck.
  2. To ornament with figured work, as the side of a stocking.
  3. To call, as the hen. The clock of a stocking, the figured work or embroidery about the ankle. The phrases. What's o'clock! and What o'clock is it? are contractions of What hour of the clock is it ? See Cloak and Cluck.
  4. A machine for measuring time, indicating the hour and other divisions by means of hands moving on a dial plate. Its works are moved by a weight or a spring, and it is often so constructed as to tell the hour by the stroke of a hammer on a bell. It is not adapted, like the watch, to be carried on the person.
  5. A watch, esp. one that strikes.
  6. The striking of a clock.
  7. A figure or figured work on the ankle or side of a stocking.
  8. A large beetle, esp. the European dung beetle ( Scarabaeus stercorarius).
  9. A machine to measure and indicate time by means of hands moving over a dial- plate; an ornament on the ankle of a stocking.
  10. A machine for measuring time, and which marks the time by the position of its " hands" upon the dial plate, or by the striking of a hammer on a bell.
  11. A machine for measuring time.
  12. A machine for measuring and indicating time.
  13. A machine which tells the time of day, consisting of wheels moved by weights or springs, and regulated by a pendulum, but more especially the larger machines of this kind, so constructed as to tell the hours by the stroke of a hammer upon a bell; a beetle.
  14. A machine which shows the time of day and strikes the hours; clockmaker, one who makes clocks; clock- work, mechanism like a clock; o'clock, contraction for " time of, on, or by the clock".
  15. Familiar name of the common beetle.
  16. The cry of the brooding hen- see cluck.
  17. Clocked.