Definitions of cleave

  1. come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation; " The dress clings to her body"; " The label stuck to the box"; " The sushi rice grains cohere"
  2. make by cutting into; " The water is going to cleave a channel into the rock"
  3. separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument; " cleave the bone"
  4. To adhere closely; to stick; to hold fast; to cling.
  5. To unite or be united closely in interest or affection; to adhere with strong attachment.
  6. To fit; to be adapted; to assimilate.
  7. To part or divide by force; to split or rive; to cut.
  8. To part or open naturally; to divide.
  9. To part; to open; to crack; to separate; as parts of bodies; as, the ground cleaves by frost.
  10. To split.
  11. To stick; to adhere; be attached strongly.
  12. Cut open; to divide by force.
  13. Cleavable.
  14. Clave, Cleaved.
  15. Cleaved.
  16. Cleaving.
  17. Cleft, clove.
  18. Cleft, cloven, cleaved.
  19. To divide, to split: to separate with violence.
  20. To part asunder: to crack:- pr. p. cleaving; pa. t. clove or cleft; pa. p. cloven or cleft.
  21. To stick or adhere: to unite:- pr. p. cleaving; pa. t. cleaved or clave: pa. p. cleaved.
  22. Cleaved or clave.
  23. Clove or cleft.
  24. Cloven or cleft.
  25. To crack; part asunder.
  26. To split; to sever.
  27. To stick; to adhere.
  28. To cut through; sunder; split.
  29. To stick fast cling; adhere.
  30. To part or divide by force; to rive; to part or open naturally.
  31. To adhere or cling to; to fit.
  32. To part asunder; to crack.
  33. To adhere to; to stick to; to be united in interest or affection.
  34. To split; to part or divide by force; to crack; to part; to open.

Usage examples for cleave

  1. We did but follow Nature's plan And cleave to our own; For Life it teaches you but this: Seek you each other; Rise up from your clasp and kiss, A father and a mother. – The Village Wife's Lament by Maurice Hewlett
  2. " In the ship that like the bird can cleave the air we will fly to them," was the astonishing reply. – The Boy Aviators in Africa by Captain Wilbur Lawton
  3. Let us cleave to the love of this our Head, that we may be enlightened in Christ. – True Christianity by Johann Arndt
  4. " The Indians liked to work obsidian; it would cleave so sharp and clean. – The Young Alaskans on the Missouri by Emerson Hough
  5. " Yew never promised to starve me wi' ice and snow on Tavy Cleave neither," replied Mary. – By Violence by John Trevena
  6. Cleave heaven, and send thy saints that I may say Ev'n to their faces, 'If ye side with William Ye are not noble. – Queen Mary and Harold by Alfred Lord Tennyson
  7. I am willing, for well I know you cannot cleave the apple at that distance. – Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades by Florence Holbrook
  8. Does it mean that toil and action are the price that man shall pay, Striving the strait gait to enter, pressing on the narrow way, Clearing it from shade and hindrance, with strong arm and purpose high, " Raise the stone and thou shalt find Me, cleave the wood and there am I"? – Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul by Various
  9. Perhaps, had she been capable of looking into it, the self- evident honesty might have resolved itself into this- that he thoroughly believed in himself; that he meant what he said; and that he offered her nothing he did not prize and cleave to as his own. – Thomas Wingfold, Curate by George MacDonald
  10. While there are multitudes of admirers of Religion, as one of a higher order of beings altogether above and beyond themselves, there are few who make her the companion of their daily walk- few who take her to themselves and, in the firm conviction that they were made for each other, leave all things else, cleave unto and become one with her. – The Portland Sketch Book by Various
  11. I see the better part, and cleave to the worse. – Stories from the Italian Poets: With Lives of the Writers, Vol. 2 by Leigh Hunt
  12. He watched her cleave the distance, watched her disappear. – Angel Island by Inez Haynes Gillmore
  13. I was so unlucky as to cleave my way on to the first 'bus of all, with the result that when I descended from it I was a good ten minutes early. – If I May by A. A. Milne
  14. Mick was bound eventually for one of those ravines which cleave the cliffs' precipitous wall and give access to the shore, generally by a deep- sunken sandy boreen. – Stories by English Authors: Ireland by Various
  15. And my life my dead and dread father hath left to thee, as a doom or a blessing; wherefore cleave I to thy side;- cleave we in life and in death to each other! – Harold, Complete The Last Of The Saxon Kings by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  16. You cleave to the spirit and turn from the flesh, that I know. – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various
  17. The only safe rule of all the rules is that which says, " Cleave closely to the principles, let the rules fall where they may." – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue
  18. The bulk of members of Parliament will always cleave to their party, as the bulk of electors do, and the dread of being thought singular is a potent influence on the average man, in or out of Parliament. – The Rise of the Democracy by Joseph Clayton