Usage examples for Clare

  1. I'm going to give Aunt Clare all these. – Apron-Strings by Eleanor Gates
  2. But the Clare relations had not made a favourable impression; the favourite blind uncle had not been present, in spite of Bessie's boast, and it was suspected that Alick had not chosen to forward his coming. – The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte M. Yonge
  3. At Clare we brake down 1000 pictures superstitious. – Vanishing England by P. H. Ditchfield
  4. I beg you to feel for yourself, Clare. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  5. Again he sought the votes of the electors of Clare, and again he was returned by them. – An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 by Mary Frances Cusack
  6. But they couldn't; the two girls flew over the lawn, and reached the stone steps just a breathing space before Jasper and Clare plunged up. – Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney
  7. O'Connell, therefore, could not be prevented from becoming a candidate for the representation of Clare, and when the contest came on it ended in his being triumphantly returned by an overwhelming majority. – A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, Volume IV (of 4) by Justin McCarthy and Justin Huntly McCarthy
  8. Clare looked up in surprize. – The Passionate Elopement by Compton Mackenzie
  9. He evidently did not wish to dwell on the subject, but began to inquire after Avonmouth matters, and Rachel in return asked for Mr. Clare. – The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte M. Yonge
  10. 1828. O'Connell's election for Clare. – Thomas Davis, Selections from his Prose and Poetry by Thomas Davis Commentator: T. W. Rolleston
  11. " Always was," said Clare. – The Passionate Elopement by Compton Mackenzie
  12. Lady Mary Quin was a daughter of the Earl of Kilfenora, and was well acquainted with all County Clare. – An Eye for an Eye by Anthony Trollope
  13. " Why, child," said Lord Clare, " what do you want of the Blarney Stone?" – Stories and Legends of Travel and History, for Children by Grace Greenwood
  14. Eight counties, or parts of counties, were proclaimed, and a special commission, after a brief sitting in Clare and Limerick, left eleven peasants for the gallows. – The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17 by Charles Francis Horne
  15. It hasn't dawned on poor Sampson yet that Clare will get tired of the whole business in a month. – Miss Merivale's Mistake by Mrs. Henry Clarke
  16. They were always full of life and interest; and Clare was beginning to feel a sick longing to have him back with her again. – The Carved Cupboard by Amy Le Feuvre
  17. My Lords, this organization is, it appears to me, to be proved, not only by the declarations of those who formed, and who arranged it, but likewise by the effects which it has produced in the election of churchwardens throughout the country; in the circumstances attending the election for the county of Clare, and that preceded and followed that election; in the proceedings of a gentleman who went at the head of a body of men to the north of Ireland; in the simultaneous proceedings of various bodies of men in the south of Ireland, in Templemore, in Kilenaule, Cahir, Clonmel, and other places; in the proceedings of another gentleman in the King's county; and in the recall of the former gentleman from the north of Ireland by the Roman Catholic Association. – Maxims And Opinions Of Field-Marshal His Grace The Duke Of Wellington, Selected From His Writings And Speeches During A Public Life Of More Than Half A Century by Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington