Definitions of chip

  1. To break or fly off in chips. See Chop.
  2. To break off a chip from; break open; scale off.
  3. To cut small pieces from; to diminish or reduce to shape, by cutting away a little at a time; to hew.
  4. To bet, as with chips in the game of poker.
  5. To cut or break small pieces from.
  6. To chop or cut into small pieces: to diminish by cutting away a little at a time:- pr. p. chipping; pa. p. chipped.
  7. To cut or break off in small pieces.
  8. To break or fly off in small pieces.
  9. To break off in small bits.
  10. break a small piece off from; " chip the glass"; " chip a tooth"
  11. play a chip shot, in golf
  12. form by chipping; " They chipped their names in the stone"
  13. cut a nick into
  14. To cut into chips.
  15. To cut into small pieces; to cut or break off small pieces; to hew.
  16. Chipping.
  17. a small fragment of something broken off from the whole; " a bit of rock caught him in the eye"
  18. a low running approach shot
  19. electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semiconductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronic functions in an integrated circuit
  20. ( nautical) a triangular wooden float attached to the end of a log line
  21. a triangular wooden float attached to the end of a log line
  22. break off ( a piece from a whole); " Her tooth chipped"
  23. A piece of wood, stone, or other substance, separated by an ax, chisel, or cutting instrument.
  24. A fragment or piece broken off; a small piece.
  25. Wood or Cuban palm leaf split into slips, or straw plaited in a special manner, for making hats or bonnets.
  26. One of the counters used in poker and other games.
  27. The triangular piece of wood attached to the log line.
  28. Anything dried up, withered, or without flavor; - used contemptuously.
  29. A small piece of stone, wood, etc., cut or broken off; a disk used in games as a counter.
  30. A small piece of wood or other substance chopped off.
  31. A piece chipped off.
  32. A small piece cut or broken off.
  33. A small disk or counter used in games.
  34. A small piece chopped off; a thin slip of wood; a fragment.
  35. A small piece of a body cut or broken off; a fragment.
  36. Chipped.