Usage examples for chimney

  1. No wonder, thought Nanking, for no fire nor smoke has been made in that river chimney for years. – Tales of the Chesapeake by George Alfred Townsend
  2. When she was a small child her mother told Luce that she had been a little wild goose that had fallen down the chimney; ah! – Pierre and Luce by Romain Rolland
  3. Crouching round the stove we smoked them very carefully, blowing the smoke up the chimney. – Servants of the Guns by Jeffery E. Jeffery
  4. At last Christian gave the signal to follow, and the others soon stood beside him at the top of the chimney. – Among the Canadian Alps by Lawrence J. Burpee
  5. You are the very same little chimney- sweep who came into my bedroom." – Journeys Through Bookland V2 by Charles H. Sylvester
  6. Flat piling with open chimney spaces in the piles is better. – Seasoning of Wood by Joseph B. Wagner
  7. From below up the stairs came a sudden draught, and the flame leaped in the lamp- chimney. – None Other Gods by Robert Hugh Benson
  8. He never went to the study; never opened the door in the chimney- corner. – The Flight of the Shadow by George MacDonald
  9. She was leaning now against a chimney, holding her children up at arm's length, for the water was to her waist. – The Flood by Emile Zola
  10. I was the man in the chimney. – A Splendid Hazard by Harold MacGrath
  11. Youth was not made for the chimney corner, Mrs. Grumble. – Autumn by Robert Nathan
  12. And now that you've found me, Mr. Chimney- Man, the joke's on you after all. – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson
  13. The chimney is half of one of the boats of the yacht. – The Admirable Crichton by J. M. Barrie
  14. No window in the chimney- corner where I am now, and I had been used to it for more than fifty years. – Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy
  15. By coach with both Sir Williams to Westminster; this being a great day there in the House to pass the business for chimney- money, which was done. – Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  16. The surroundings and the atmosphere pinched her, and she felt she would not have a proper sympathy for Boodles until she was back in her luxurious drawing- room with a fire roaring shillings and pence away up the chimney. – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  17. From chimney- money too this cell is free- To such a house, who would not tenant be?" – Old Church Lore by William Andrews
  18. The chimney wasn't struck by lightning, then. – Ethel Morton at Rose House by Mabell S. C. Smith
  19. The young chief, who was standing near the chimney, suddenly threw the letters into the fire, and they were burned in a second. – The Chouans by Honore de Balzac