Definitions of check

  1. the state of inactivity following an interruption; " the negotiations were in arrest"; " held them in check"; " during the halt he got some lunch"; " the momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow"; " he spent the entire stop in his seat"
  2. find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort; " I want to see whether she speaks French"; " See whether it works"; " find out if he speaks Russian"; " Check whether the train leaves on time"
  3. be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something; " He verified that the valves were closed"; " See that the curtains are closed"; " control the quality of the product"
  4. an appraisal of the state of affairs; " they made an assay of the contents"; " a check on its dependability under stress"
  5. something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress
  6. a written order directing a bank to pay money; " he paid all his bills by check"
  7. the act of restraining power or action or limiting excess; " his common sense is a bridle to his quick temper"
  8. be verified or confirmed; pass inspection; " These stories don't check!"
  9. the act of inspecting or verifying; " they made a check of their equipment"; " the pilot ran through the check- out procedure"
  10. ( chess) a direct attack on an opponent's king
  11. obstructing an opponent in ice hockey
  12. a textile pattern of squares or crossed lines ( resembling a checkerboard); " she wore a skirt with checks"
  13. a mark left after a small piece has been chopped or broken off of something
  14. additional proof that something that was believed ( some fact or hypothesis or theory) is correct; " fossils provided further confirmation of the evolutionary theory"
  15. mark into squares or draw squares on; draw crossed lines on
  16. make cracks or chinks in; " The heat checked the paint"
  17. lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; " moderate your alcohol intake"; " hold your tongue"; " hold your temper"; " control your anger"
  18. slow the growth or development of; " The brain damage will retard the child's language development"
  19. become fractured; break or crack on the surface only; " The glass cracked when it was heated"
  20. arrest the motion ( of something) abruptly; " He checked the flow of water by shutting off the main valve"
  21. put a check mark on or next to; " Please check each name on the list"; " tick off the items"
  22. verify by consulting a source or authority; " check the spelling of this word"; " check your facts"
  23. write out a check on a bank account
  24. place into check; " He checked my kings"
  25. hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of; " Arrest the downward trend"; " Check the growth of communism in Sout East Asia"; " Contain the rebel movement"; " Turn back the tide of communism"
  26. decline to initiate betting
  27. stop for a moment, as if out of uncertainty or caution; " She checked for an instant and missed a step"
  28. stop in a chase especially when scent is lost; " The dog checked"
  29. abandon the intended prey, turn, and pursue an inferior prey, of falcons
  30. hand over something to somebody as for temporary safekeeping; " Check your coat at the door"
  31. consign for shipment on a vehicle; " check your luggage before boarding"
  32. make an examination or investigation; " check into the rumor"; " check the time of the class"
  33. train by instruction and practice; especially to teach self- control; " Parents must discipline their children"; " Is this dog trained?"
  34. block or impede ( a player from the opposing team) in ice hockey
  35. To stop.
  36. A word of warning denoting that the king is in danger; such a menace of a player's king by an adversary's move as would, if it were any other piece, expose it to immediate capture. A king so menaced is said to be in check, and must be made safe at the next move.
  37. A condition of interrupted or impeded progress; arrest; stop; delay; as, to hold an enemy in check.
  38. Whatever arrests progress, or limits action; an obstacle, guard, restraint, or rebuff.
  39. A mark, certificate, or token, by which, errors may be prevented, or a thing or person may be identified; as, checks placed against items in an account; a check given for baggage; a return check on a railroad.
  40. A written order directing a bank or banker to pay money as therein stated. See Bank check, below.
  41. A woven or painted design in squares resembling the patten of a checkerboard; one of the squares of such a design; also, cloth having such a figure.
  42. The forsaking by a hawk of its proper game to follow other birds.
  43. Small chick or crack.
  44. To make a move which puts an adversary's piece, esp. his king, in check; to put in check.
  45. To put a sudden restraint upon; to stop temporarily; to hinder; to repress; to curb.
  46. To chide, rebuke, or reprove.
  47. To slack or ease off, as a brace which is too stiffly extended.
  48. To make checks or chinks in; to cause to crack; as, the sun checks timber.
  49. To clash or interfere.
  50. To crack or gape open, as wood in drying; or to crack in small checks, as varnish, paint, etc.
  51. To turn, when in pursuit of proper game, and fly after other birds.
  52. Checkered; designed in checks.
  53. To make a stop; to pause; - with at.
  54. A restraint; a reproof; a pass, ticket, or token; a pattern woven in alternate squares; an order on a bank for money; in chess, a word signifying an attack on the king; a setback; a mark signifying that something has been examined or verifled.
  55. To restrain; stop; reprove; to examine by comparison, or mark as having been examined or verified; in chess, to put ( a king) in danger; to mark in small squares.
  56. To bring to a stand: to restrain or hinder: to rebuke.
  57. A term in chess when one party obliges the other either to move or guard his king: anything that checks: a sudden stop: in B., a rebuke.
  58. A term in chess; restraint; mark of verification; order for money; a checkered fabric.
  59. Side of the face.
  60. To restrain; hinder; to mark with a check.
  61. To restrain sharply; stop; curb.
  62. To mark or provide with a check.
  63. To put in check, as in chess.
  64. A checking, or something that checks.
  65. A written order for money; a tag; a mark for verification.
  66. A checkered pattern.
  67. In chess, a menace to the king.
  68. Chequered.
  69. Stop; restraint; he or that which checks; reproof or reprimand; a mark put against names in going over a list; something corresponding to compare with; an order for money, now usually written cheque; a token serving for identification; a checkered cloth; a term in chess, when one party obliges the other either to move his king or guard it; a term used when a hawk forsakes her proper game to follow rooks, & c. that cross her in her flight. Check, or check- roll, a roll or book containing the names of persons who are the attendants and in the pay of a sovereign or great personage. Clerk of the check, a person in the royal household who has the control of the yeomen of the guard; an officer who keeps account of the men in a naval dockyard.
  70. To stop; to restrain; to chide or reprove; to test accuracy by comparison with some duplicate; to mark as having been examined; to put in check; to ease off a little of a rope which is too stilly extended; to stopper the cable.
  71. Stop; restraint; continued restraint; curb; that which stops or controls; a term in chess; a pass, ticket, or token; cloth woven in squares of different colours.
  72. To stop; to restrain; to moderate; to chide or reprove; to control; to compare and examine papers or accounts to ascertain their accuracy.

Usage examples for check

  1. Can't you draw a check? – Phemie Frost's Experiences by Ann S. Stephens
  2. Believe me I do appreciate your kindness, but I mustn't take the check. – The-Circus-Boys-Across-the-Continent-or-Winning-New-Laurels-on-the-Tanbark by Darlington, Edgar B. P.
  3. The very look she will put on to check you will check you, you are so green. – Love Me Little, Love Me Long by Charles Reade Edition: 10 Language: English
  4. Isn't it dreadful to be obliged to check her dearly- loved Philip? – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  5. It would be easy enough to hold the girl in check with that letter. – Mystery Ranch by Arthur Chapman
  6. " I am sorry, Pip," said he, as I put the check in my pocket, when he had signed it, " that we do nothing for you." – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
  7. His fear of it held him in check. – Missing by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  8. It's too easy just to write your name on a check. – Aurora the Magnificent by Gertrude Hall
  9. It will put a check on his cruelty. – Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders
  10. If you wish to do anything right, you must learn self- control, and it will be a good beginning to check yourself when you are going to cry. – Scenes and Characters by Charlotte M. Yonge
  11. " And to- morrow," cried Random, " I shall send the check, sir." – The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume
  12. But his joy soon received a check. – Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord de Saumarez, Vol. I by Sir John Ross
  13. Check to see if you really need it, as this service is far from free. – The Online World by Odd de Presno
  14. He took his check book from his pocket. – The Crooked House by Brandon Fleming
  15. I hadn't had time to check it out. – The Plague by Teddy Keller
  16. March glanced at the check and smiled. – Mary Wollaston by Henry Kitchell Webster
  17. Shall I write the check? – The Scarlet Feather by Houghton Townley
  18. He sent me into the station for it with the check. – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss