Usage examples for causative

  1. Indeed, if by genius of action, you mean will enlightened by intelligence, and intelligence energized by will,- if force and insight be its characteristics, and influence its test, and if great effects suppose a cause proportionally great, a vital, causative mind,- then was Washington most assuredly a man of genius, and one whom no other American has equalled in the power of working morally and mentally on other minds. – The American Union Speaker by John D. Philbrick
  2. To what degree these things are directly causative no one can say. – Report of the Special Committee on Moral Delinquency in Children and Adolescents The Mazengarb Report (1954) by Oswald Chettle Mazengarb et al.
  3. Amount of Food as a Causative Factor. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh