Definitions of castle

  1. move the king two squares toward a rook and in the same move the rook to the square next past the king; in chess
  2. interchanging the positions of the king and a rook
  3. a large building formerly occupied by a ruler and fortified against attack
  4. ( chess) the piece that can move any number of unoccupied squares in a direction parallel to the sides of the chessboard
  5. a large and stately mansion
  6. move the king two squares toward a rook and in the same move the rook to the square next past the king
  7. A fortified residence, especially that of a prince or nobleman; a fortress.
  8. Any strong, imposing, and stately mansion.
  9. A small tower, as on a ship, or an elephant's back.
  10. A piece, made to represent a castle, used in the game of chess; a rook.
  11. To move the castle to the square next to king, and then the king around the castle to the square next beyond it, for the purpose of covering the king.
  12. A house fortified for defense against an enemy; a fortress; an imposing mansion.
  13. A fortified house or fortress: the residence of a prince or nobleman. Formerly a term applied to a kind of helmet. Some commentators have unnecessarily given casque or helmet as the equivalent of castle in the following passage:- Which of your hands hath not defended Rome, And reared aloft the bloody battle- ax, Writing destruction on the enemy's castle!- Shak.
  14. A fortified house.
  15. A fortress; a fortified residence.
  16. Chess. A castle shaped piece; a rook.
  17. To cover the king with a castle, by a certain move. Castle in the air, a visionary project.
  18. A building fortified; a fortress: forecastle, a short deck in the fore part of a ship, at one time a castle; castle- in- the- air, an empty scheme; the forming of hopes on no solid foundation; visionary expectations.
  19. See castellated.

Usage examples for castle

  1. My Castle is not a splendid place, but it is very comfortable, and it has a warm and cheerful air, and is quite a picture of Home. – Some-Christmas-Stories by Dickens, Charles
  2. " Hum -" said Elizabeth, - " if you mean where my mind has been, that is one question; as for my bodily self, I have been on the Castle Green." – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  3. It was not long after this that they saw the castle. – Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  4. The little boy rejoiced; he had apparently wanted to go up to that castle for a long while. – A Tramp's Sketches by Stephen Graham
  5. And the king said: The castle is done. – More English Fairy Tales by Various
  6. " Ride down straight to the river road, keeping the first trail to the right, and when thou hast come there, turn again to thy right and ride north beside the river- thou canst not miss the way- it be plain as the nose before thy face," and with that the old man turned to enter the castle. – The Outlaw of Torn by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  7. I have not patience to go round to the castle door." – Berlin and Sans-Souci by Louise Muhlbach
  8. So he started to read the letter; and before Peter had heard one sentence, he knew this was a letter from Nell, and he knew that the castle of his dreams was flat in the dust forever. – 100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair
  9. You are going to stay at the Castle a long time, I hope. – The Lovels of Arden by M. E. Braddon
  10. You think you really will decide to buy the castle? – The Heather-Moon by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  11. He, too, was wondering about how things were going at the castle, but he kept his thoughts to himself. – A Boy's Ride by Gulielma Zollinger
  12. " I tell thee I come from the castle, and left the Princess well. – The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole
  13. Richard was a weak, cruel king, you remember, and was confined in a distant castle, where he was finally murdered. – John and Betty's History Visit by Margaret Williamson
  14. Then we looked out of the carriage window and saw the castle itself, standing out on the bold side of the mountain, and commanding a view that is possibly without its equal in all Pannonia. – Long Live the King by Guy Boothby
  15. As if she were used to going into the Castle that way? – The Loudwater Mystery by Edgar Jepson
  16. I never know when I may see the Castle. – In the Border Country by Josephine Daskam Bacon
  17. Sure you know, miss, they wouldn't let me stay at Castle Morony. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  18. It is, as it were, a Castle for One. – Happy-Thought Hall by F. C. Burnand
  19. But only in part; on their own account alone they are delightful, and Castle Rackrent even more than the rest. – Maria Edgeworth by Helen Zimmern
  20. It wouldn't be a bad plan to have a king, as Nathan said, in our castle; would it, Oliver? – Jonas on a Farm in Winter by Jacob Abbott