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Quotes of Carried

  1. The fact that the movement was carried on by women who, for the most part, had no money of their own and were totally inexperienced in organization, and that they won their fight in about two generations, makes a story often dramatic and always worth preserving. – Florence E. Allen
  2. The soul, which is spirit, can not dwell in dust; it is carried along to dwell in the blood. – Saint Aurelius Augustine
  3. The best advice he gave me was to carry on. It would have been difficult to set foot back inside a TV studio if I hadn't carried on- I don't know if I would have ever gone back in. – Cilla Black
  4. Most photographers would feel a certain embarrassment in admitting publicly that they carried within them a sense of wonder, yet without it they would not produce the work they do, whatever their particular field. – Bill Brandt
  5. I venture to say no war can be long carried on against the will of the people. – Edmund Burke
  6. It seems likely that most if not all the genetic information in any organism is carried by nucleic acid- usually by DNA, although certain small viruses use RNA as their genetic material. – Francis Crick
  7. I worked hard at memorizing lists of facts and figures, and carried with me a book of facts. – Charles Van Doren
  8. This hand is not very active always, because it was in this hand that I carried my books. My carrying hand was always my strongest. Now I think my other hand has developed more muscles from signing all those autographs. – Haile Gebrselassie
  9. Genetic studies in Iceland have found that many of the women who were the founding stock of Iceland came from England and what is now France. Some were probably captured and carried off in Viking raids only 40 generations ago. – Keith Henson
  10. I am not allowing myself to get carried away. – Damon Hill
  11. Years ago- in the 70s, for about a decade- I carried a camera every place I went. And I shot a lot of pictures that were still life and landscape, using available light. – Leonard Nimoy
  12. When I and the other young artists were working in comics, our work carried with it a particularly American slant. After all, we were Americans drawing and writing about things that touched us. As it turned out, the early work was, you might say, a comic book version of Jazz. – Joe Simon
  13. The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight. – A. J. P. Taylor
  14. Life is a little like a message in a bottle, to be carried by the winds and the tides. – Gene Tierney
  15. IT has been observed by several gentlemen, in vindication of this motion, that if it should be carried neither my life, liberty, nor estate will be affected. – Robert Walpole

Usage examples for Carried

  1. Yet he carried on. – Tales of War by Lord Dunsany
  2. It seemed as though just there, quite near to them, a heavy burden were being carried along, whilst, in the midst of the darkness, lights kept passing by. – Bijou by Gyp
  3. Carried away by I don't know what sort of a spirit, I exclaimed, " Very well, I will, if you will wait till I make up, and will help me." – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin
  4. I am not a good man, I know- anything but that; but you have carried me on, step by step, until I am what I am afraid to name to myself. – Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia by William Gilmore Simms
  5. He was not sure whether he was being carried or led along. – Jan of the Windmill by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  6. The woman carried matters with a high hand. – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins
  7. They carried the man back to his room, put cold water on him, and finally brought him to. – Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi by George H. Devol
  8. Let them think that you had been carried off, and my days would be but few in my land." – One Maid's Mischief by George Manville Fenn
  9. My Father and Mother carried each other's hands. – Fairy Prince and Other Stories by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  10. But I am too big to be carried in a boy's arms. – The Story of a White Rocking Horse by Laura Lee Hope
  11. Half- an- hour later they carried him in- that awful day! – East of the Shadows by Mrs. Hubert Barclay
  12. " I am going to see that they are carried out," he said. – The Mutineers by Charles Boardman Hawes
  13. How came you to know she was carried off by this count? – The Midnight Queen by May Agnes Fleming
  14. He carried her back to the side from which she had started. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  15. The surgeon must think of these elements in the treatment and insist on them with his nurses, or they will not be carried out. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  16. This was not possible then, so the plan was not carried out. – History of California by Helen Elliott Bandini
  17. " He has carried away my hat, I see, by mistake," said another. – The Bramleighs Of Bishop's Folly by Charles James Lever
  18. No, sir, at least the letter of the law must be carried out. – Moral by Ludwig Thoma
  19. I saw the marchesa carried out in Adamo's arms. – The Italians by Frances Elliot
  20. But he never carried the paper home. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart

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