Definitions of capillary

  1. a tube of small internal diameter; holds liquid by capillary action
  2. A tube or vessel, extremely fine or minute.
  3. A minute, thin- walled vessel; particularly one of the smallest blood vessels connecting arteries and veins, but used also for the smallest lymphatic and biliary vessels.
  4. A tube with a small bore; one of the minute blood- vessels connecting the arteries with the veins.
  5. A tube with a hair- like bore.
  6. A minute vessel, as those connecting the arteries and veins; any tube with a fine bore.
  7. A tube with a hair- like bore; a minute blood- vessel.
  8. One of the minute thin- walled vessels which form networks in various parts of the body, e. g. blood, lymph, or biliary capillaries.
  9. long and slender with a very small internal diameter; " a capillary tube"
  10. ( anatomy) " a capillary network"
  11. Resembling a hair; fine; minute; very slender; having minute tubes or interspaces; having very small bore; as, the capillary vessels of animals and plants.
  12. Pertaining to capillary tubes or vessels; as, capillary action.
  13. Resembling a hair; slender; pertaining to a minute tube, or to capillarity.
  14. As fine or minute as a hair: having a very small bore, as a tube.
  15. Like or relating to such a tube, or to hair.
  16. Of, pertaining to, or like hair; slender; having a hair like bore, as a tube.
  17. Resembling a hair in Lore; pertaining to capillary vessels. Capillary attraction or repulsion, the cause which determines the ascent or the descent of a fluid in capillary vessels.
  18. Resembling hair; tubes or canals, extremely fine and minute, through which moisture ascends spontaneously, are called capillary tubes; capillary attraction, the power that porous bodies have of drawing up or sucking in moisture.
  19. Minute; hair- like.