Definitions of candy

  1. To congeal or become candied.
  2. To cover with or become like hardened sugar.
  3. To conserve or boil in sugar; as, to candy fruits; to candy ginger.
  4. To make sugar crystals of or in; to form into a mass resembling candy; as, to candy sirup.
  5. To incrust with sugar or with candy, or with that which resembles sugar or candy.
  6. A more or less solid article of confectionery made by boiling sugar or molasses to the desired consistency, and than crystallizing, molding, or working in the required shape. It is often flavored or colored, and sometimes contains fruit, nuts, etc.
  7. To make into sugar; to preserve in sugar.
  8. To preserve or dress with sugar: to congeal or crystallize as sugar.
  9. To preserve in candy.
  10. To have sugar crystals form in or on; as, fruits preserved in sugar candy after a time.
  11. To be formed into candy; to solidify in a candylike form or mass.
  12. To become coated with sugar; to become sugar.
  13. To become congealed:- pr. p. candying; pa. p. candied.
  14. To form candy.
  15. coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze
  16. To conserve with sugar; to crystallize; to encrust with crystals.
  17. To boil or dress in sugar; to cover or incrust with sugar; to form sugar into crystals.
  18. Candying.
  19. A weight, at Madras 500 pounds, at Bombay 560 pounds.
  20. A confection of sugar, combined with flavoring or coloring substances; any sweetmeat made of, or coated with, sugar or molasses.
  21. A sweetmeat made of sugar: anything preserved in sugar.
  22. A sweetmeat of sugar or molasses or both.
  23. Sugar crystallized.
  24. Crystallised sugar; sugar compounded with anything else.
  25. Candied.