Usage examples for cadaverous

  1. At his heels strode a tall, cadaverous person in a checked suit. – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. His fear of the three grim men and that secretive woman and their lonely, secluded house, or else the cadaverous cold of the dying season, rather braced Amuel when the time was come and he would step out bolder upon the day that he feared than he had perhaps for weeks. – Tales of Three Hemispheres by Lord Dunsany
  3. The bland and luminous air wrapt me round like a soft robe of fine wool, and warmed my body frozen in that cadaverous atmosphere; I was saved from that architectural nightmare, which I thought never would end. – Familiar Spanish Travels by W. D. Howells
  4. A cadaverous wretched creature, yet doubtless with strength enough in his forefinger to make the seven- pound pull of a rifle. – On the Heels of De Wet by The Intelligence Officer
  5. After walking beside his tall companion and eyeing his thin figure and sad countenance in silence for some time, he said- " You're a cadaverous sort o' man, Mr Luke." – Philosopher Jack by R.M. Ballantyne
  6. I never liked the way you made your money, a dark- faced, cadaverous man said, but when you talk, it makes sense. – Hunter Patrol by Henry Beam Piper and John J. McGuire
  7. He was on the high road to recovery, but I thought he would never be the same handsome Jack again, so cadaverous was his countenance and so changed his voice. – A Little Union Scout by Joel Chandler Harris
  8. The Reverend Arthur was paler than usual, almost cadaverous, while there was a troubled, anxious look in little Miss Rosebury's eyes, and a sharpness in her voice that was not there on the day when Dr Bolter proposed. – One Maid's Mischief by George Manville Fenn
  9. But it's a fine remedy against the plague, and with all this cadaverous stuff about, you had better be careful. – Master Olof A Drama in Five Acts by August Strindberg
  10. Sir, ' said Sturk, very quietly, but looking awfully cadaverous; 'all I want to know is, how long you think I may live? – The House by the Church-Yard by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  11. As they approached that part of the route in which he operated, there was a great anxiety manifested by the passengers, and especially by a thin, cadaverous- looking man from Ohio. – Andy Grant's Pluck by Horatio Alger
  12. He was less pleased than ever when he heard that Giovanni's seconds were his own father and the melancholy Spicca, who was the most celebrated duellist in Italy, in spite of his cadaverous long body, his sad voice, and his expression of mournful resignation to the course of events. – Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford
  13. He was a thin, cadaverous- looking old man, about sixty years of age, with a most melancholy cast of features, so much so that we christened him the " Skeleton at the Feast!" – On the Equator by Harry de Windt
  14. Now as Don took both her hands and smiled in the old joyous way she thought that he looked ill, almost cadaverous, in spite of the tan which clung to his skin. – The Orchard of Tears by Sax Rohmer
  15. The two or three guests were huddled about a stove- one asleep upon a bench, the others smoking short pipes; and their hard, cadaverous faces and sullen eyes turned no welcome upon Abel when he entered, but they looked at him quickly, as if they suspected him to be a policeman or magistrate, and as if they had reason not to wish to see either. – Trumps by George William Curtis
  16. It was a village school, in a remote district of Scotland; the master was a tall, thin, cadaverous and kindly man, of considerable attainments, and with a strong affection for boys. – The Thorogood Family by R.M. Ballantyne
  17. He was a lean, pale youth, but with as cadaverous a face as I have ever looked upon; and when he spoke his voice appeared to come from the back of his head. – The Man Who Drove the Car by Max Pemberton
  18. Following this came a choice of streets without a possibility of knowing which one would lead in the direction of the hotel I was hoping to reach; but my perplexity was at length relieved by the advent of a tall youth whose cadaverous features were shown up by the street lamp overhead. – Normandy, Complete The Scenery & Romance Of Its Ancient Towns by Gordon Home
  19. For just ahead of him, turning the corner of Fowler's Wall, was the cadaverous individual who owed him half a crown. – The Cock-House at Fellsgarth by Talbot Baines Reed
  20. I can still see Hawkins as Sperry let him in- a tall, cadaverous man of good manners and an English accent, a superior servant. – Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart