Usage examples for cacique

  1. I'm now ready to burst with grief at seeing my green coat torn, and they come to ask me to whip myself of my own free will, I having as little fancy for it as for turning cacique." – The History of Don Quixote, Volume II., Complete by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  2. It was that cacique to whom those Nepoios went, which came with us from the town of Toparimaca. – The Discovery of Guiana by Sir Walter Raleigh
  3. The way in which the wire- pulling is done from Madrid, in case of an election, is through the cacique, or chief person in each constituency; hence the name of the process. – Spanish Life in Town and Country by L. Higgin and Eugène E. Street
  4. The head of each Cacique or Chieftain of a hundred warriors or Amazons was adorned with a circlet of gold with a clasp of precious stones on the left side of the head holding a single eagle's feather that slanted downward across the left shoulder. – When Dreams Come True by Ritter Brown
  5. The Governor sent by one of the Indians that were taken to call the cacique, which was on the other side of the river. – A Narrative of the expedition of Hernando de Soto into Florida published at Evora in 1557 by A Gentleman of Elvas
  6. Arrived at the province of Ba Khalal, he sent a message to the Lord of Chemecal to inquire about gold, and requesting a supply of provisions; the fierce answer of the cacique was, that he would send fowls on spears, and Indian corn on arrows. – Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. I. by John L. Stephens
  7. Then it seems your Cacique is really a king. – The Flute of the Gods by Marah Ellis Ryan
  8. The other two were filled by none other than Guatemoc, Emperor of the Aztecs, and by his friend and mine the cacique of Tacuba. – Montezuma's Daughter by H. Rider Haggard
  9. The noble- minded cacique of the mountains received him with open arms. – The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Vol. II) by Washington Irving
  10. Each village has a distinct and organized government, with its governor and other officers, all of whom are elected annually by the people, except the cacique, a sort of high priest, who holds his office during life. – The Indian Question (1874) by Francis A. Walker
  11. To the genius of the lake the Cacique of the neighbouring district offered a holy sacrifice on a certain day. – The West Indies and the Spanish Main [1899] by James Rodway
  12. He had not been long in their neighborhood, before a deputation of the natives, with their cacique at their head, crossed over in their balsas to the main land to welcome the Spaniards to their residence. – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru by Prescott, William Hickling
  13. Knowing Alda's resolute monopoly of her Cacique, Cherry at first held back, and restrained her keen enjoyment of real conversation; but she found Wilmet thankful to have the talk done for her, and content to sit at work, listening almost in silence, but proud that her Captain should be interested in her sister, and pleased to see Cherry's expressive face flash and sparkle all over for him. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge
  14. He had not been long in their neighbourhood, before a deputation of the natives, with their cacique at their head, crossed over in their balsas to the main land to welcome the Spaniards to their residence. – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru-with-a-preliminary-view-of-the-civilization-of-the-Incas by Prescott, William Hickling
  15. On Tuesday, December 18th, the ships were all dressed in honour of a religious anniversary, and the cacique, hearing the firing of the lombards with which the festival was greeted, came down to the shore to see what was the matter. – Christopher Columbus, Complete by Filson Young
  16. His first London appearance was made in 1873, when he took the part of Renato at the Royal Italian Opera, and was engaged there, as a result of his success, every year until 1879, playing the parts of Don Giovanni, Tell, Almaviva, Hoel, Peter the Great, Valentine, Hamlet, and the Cacique. – Famous Singers of To-day and Yesterday by Henry C. Lahee
  17. The admiral accordingly sallied out with two hundred men against this cacique. – The Life of Columbus by Arthur Helps