Usage examples for cabal

  1. I dined almost every day with Cardinal Mazarin, who liked me the better because I refused to engage myself in the cabal called " The Importants," though many of the members were my dearest friends. – The Memoirs of Cardinal de Retz, Complete by Jean Francois Paul de Gondi, Cardinal de Retz
  2. This mode of providing for the succession has a tendency to promote cabal, and to prevent inquiry into the qualifications of the persons to be appointed. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VIII. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  3. For what it is worth, there was no doubt that they were now busy leaders in the cabal against him, and he knew it. – The Great Miss Driver by Anthony Hope
  4. It was too late to cabal. – The Young Duke by Benjamin Disraeli
  5. One fact indeed there is which must always make the thought of Pindar's Theban citizenship painful to us, and that is the shameful part taken by Thebes in the Persian war, when compulsion of her exposed situation, and oligarchical cabal within her walls, drew her into unholy alliance with the barbarian invader. – The Extant Odes of Pindar by Pindar
  6. All in a cabal against my class, the toilers, the producers. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  7. Hitherto I had known neither clique nor cabal in a theatre; now I found myself in a network of them. – Life on the Stage by Clara Morris
  8. He was a member of the " Cabal" and intrigued against Clarendon. – A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin
  9. What do they call their cabal? – Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
  10. A cabal was formed against Monsieur le Duc d'Orleans. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete by Duc de Saint-Simon
  11. Men, women, people of all conditions who belonged to that cabal, lost all countenance. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete by Duc de Saint-Simon