Definitions of c2man

  1. An automatic documentation extraction tool by GrahamStoney. c2man extracts comments from C source code togenerate functional interface documentation in the same formatas sections 2 and 3 of the Unix Programmer's Manual. Itlooks for comments near the objects they document, rather thanimposing a rigid syntax or requiring the programmer to use atypesetting language. Acceptable documentation can often begenerated from existing code with no modifications.c2man supports both K&R and ISO/ANSI C coding styles.Output can be in nroff - man, Texinfo or LaTeX format.It automagically documents enum parameter and returnvalues, it handles both C (/* */) and C++ (//) stylecomments, but not C++ grammar ( yet). It requires yacc,byacc or bison for syntax analysis; lex or flex forlexical analysis and nroff, groff, texinfo or LaTeXto format the output. It runs under Unix, OS/2 andMS-DOS.Version 2.0 patchlevel 25 . Washington FTP(ftp:// Stuttgart FTP(ftp:// Patches(ftp:// Patches posted to Usenet newsgroups news:comp.sources.bugsand news:comp.sources.reviewed.