Definitions of C+-

  1. ( C More or Less) A subject-oriented language ( SOL). Each C+- class instance, known as a subject, holds hiddenmembers, known as prejudices, agendas or undeclaredpreferences, which are impervious to outside messages; as wellas public members, known as boasts or claims.The following C operators are overridden as shown: > better than < worse than >> way better than << forget it ! not on your life == comparable, other things being equal !== get a life, guy!C+- is strongly typed, based on stereotyping andself-righteous logic. The Boolean variables TRUE andFALSE ( known as constants in other, less realistic languages)are supplemented with CREDIBLE and DUBIOUS, which are fuzzierthan Zadeh's traditional fuzzy categories. All Booleans canbe declared with the modifiers strong and weak. Weakimplication is said to " preserve deniability" and was added atthe request of the DoD to ensure compatibility with futureversions of Ada. Well-formed falsehoods ( WFFs) areassignment-compatible with all Booleans. What-if andwhy-not interactions are aided by the special conditionalEVENIFNOT X THEN Y.C+- supports information hiding and, among friend classesonly, rumor sharing. Borrowing from the Eiffel lexicon,non-friend classes can be killed by arranging contracts. Notethat friendships are intransitive, volatile andnon-Abelian.Operator precedence rules can be suspended with thedirective # pragma dwim, known as the " Do what I mean"pragma.ANSIfication will be firmly resisted. C+-' s slogan is " BeYour Own Standard."