Definitions of C Language Integrated Production System

  1. ( CLIPS) A language produced by Gary Riley of NASAJSC in Houston, Texas, for developing expert systems, withthe inferencing and representation capabilities of OPS5 andsupport for forward chaining rule-based, object-orientedand procedural programming. CLIPS has a Lisp-likesyntax. It is available for MS-DOS and comes with sourcecode in C.COSMIC, U Georgia, ( 404) 542-3265. Austin Code Works ( 512) 258-0785.Versions include CLIPS 5.1, CLIPS/Ada 4.3 and CLIPS6.0 ( seePCLIPS).( http:// clips/CLIPS.html). E-mail: . Telnet:, user: cosline.U. Michigan(ftp://, ENSMP, France ( ftp://[" Expert Systems: Principles and Programming", JosephGiarratano and Gary Riley, PWS Publ 1994, ISBN 0-534-93744-6].