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  1. You know I didn't have enough money to quit my day job the myth of the major label deal Nowadays you have a tour bus and a stylist and all this stuff But back then no way – Mary Chapin Carpenter
  2. I slipped at a bus stop I went one way and my hair went the other That was the end of my wig – Tia Carrere
  3. I was gladly cuffed shackled loaded into the caged bus and driven through the main gate of Bare Hill Correctional Facility for what I pray to God will be forever – Jack Carroll
  4. When I was nine we'd take a bus to the seaside Coming back we'd take turns entertaining singing songs and the like I tried some stand -up comedy I had a captive audience in that bus Then I realized I wanted to do more than that – Jim Dale
  5. Life on the road can get a little one -dimensional I didn't want to reach 40 and have to say all I'd done was look out the window of a tour bus and get drunk – Bruce Dickinson
  6. Art has to move you and design does not unless it's a good design for a bus – David Hockney
  7. The last job I applied for was to be a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority in 1957 – Vernon Jordan
  8. I'll never forget that first night with the team Going to the ballpark on the bus was the hardest 30 minutes of my life I had to walk down that aisle between all the players I really didn't know too much about the Detroit Tigers at that time – Al Kaline
  9. What surprises me is when people give me their mobile number The other day someone on a bus asked if I swear I said I try not to but of course I'm just a normal person – Christopher Parker
  10. On the other hand all kinds of adventurous schemes to add security checkpoints to subway and bus systems have been circulating since the London attacks This is nonsense No one can guaranty 100 percent security – Otto Schily
  11. We now have contestants who will not let anything get in their way of victory Some contestants have thrown each other under the bus this season – Ryan Seacrest
  12. I'm not very good at relaxing Reading's the main thing On the bus on the tube on the loo Literally all the time I mean I don't think there's a moment of the day when I wouldn't be if I was left alone – Samuel West
  13. Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down – Oprah Winfrey
  14. And I also have a camera a Web cam and I have one at home so I can hook up and talk to the girls and they can see me while we're on the bus in the middle of nowhere – Lee Ann Womack
  15. We always knew how to honor fallen soldiers They were killed for our sake they went out on our mission But how are we to mourn a random man killed in a terrorist attack while sitting in a cafe How do you mourn a housewife who got on a bus and never returned – A. B. Yehoshua

Usage examples for bus

  1. The white man protested to the bus driver – The Black Experience in America The Immigrant Heritage of America by Norman Coombs
  2. “ Susie I stammered I did did didn't dream your bus bus bustle had come off – The Blunders of a Bashful Man by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor
  3. “ I walked to Bontoc and took the bus south – The Golden Skull by John Blaine
  4. “ I also fell off a bus being unused to getting out on the right hand side – Terribly Intimate Portraits by Noël Coward
  5. Oh this is the uniform of a bus conductor replied Jay – This Is the End by Stella Benson
  6. It will be like leaping on to a moving bus – Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse
  7. If only it were possible to alight from the bus without exciting attention maybe he and McPhearson could get an officer – Christopher and the Clockmakers by Sara Ware Bassett
  8. The broad brimmed Stetson disappeared within the cab and the cab darted off in the wake of the westward bound bus – The Sins of Séverac Bablon by Sax Rohmer
  9. Besides we're only going in the bus – Christopher and the Clockmakers by Sara Ware Bassett
  10. After a day of walking around the Village in New York they took a bus to Woodstock – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau
  11. They saw very few people in the village only one old woman accompanied them in the bus he heard his father ask for a ticket to the junction and they arrived without incident of any kind – Jan and Her Job by L. Allen Harker
  12. They passed a bus – Space Platform by Murray Leinster
  13. Some one had said it quite casually in the motor bus one man to another as an item of news of the day – Winding Paths by Gertrude Page
  14. By motor bus first one then another inquiring at every turning – Max Carrados by Ernest Bramah
  15. One day I said to myself we shall think nothing of a bus like this – Leaves in the Wind by A. G. Gardiner
  16. It was ten o'clock Saturday morning when North and the sheriff left the east bound express at Mount Hope and climbed into the bus that was waiting for them – The Just and the Unjust by Vaughan Kester
  17. But she could be there as soon as the bus if she walked quickly – A Crooked Mile by Oliver Onions
  18. But the crowd ceased to regard him for now a slight boyish figure none other than that of Wilbur Cowan leaped to the seat performed swift motions grasped the fateful wheel and made the bus roar – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson
  19. Well said Frank let's push the bus inside – The Radio Boys with the Revenue Guards by Gerald Breckenridge
  20. “ I was on top of a bus Wake up – The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace

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