Definitions of burst

  1. be in a state of movement or action; " The room abounded with screaming children"; " The garden bristled with toddlers"
  2. break open or apart suddenly; " The bubble burst"
  3. the act of exploding or bursting something; " the explosion of the firecrackers awoke the children"; " the burst of an atom bomb creates enormous radiation aloft"
  4. a sudden flurry of activity ( often for no obvious reason); " a burst of applause"; " a fit of housecleaning"
  5. rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms; " our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise"
  6. a sudden violent happening; " an outburst of heavy rain"; " a burst of lightning"
  7. suddenly and violently broken open especially from internal pressure; " a burst balloon"; " burst pipes"; " burst seams"; " a ruptured appendix"; (` busted' is an informal term for ` burst' as in" a busted balloon")
  8. burst outward, usually with noise; " The champagne bottle exploded"
  9. break open or apart suddenly and forcefully; " The dam burst"
  10. emerge suddenly; " The sun burst into view"
  11. move suddenly, energetically, or violently; " He burst out of the house into the cool night"
  12. cause to burst; " The ice broke the pipe"
  13. force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up; " break into tears"; " erupt in anger"
  14. suddenly and violently broken open especially from internal pressure (` busted' is an informal term for ` burst'); " a burst balloon"; " burst pipes"; " burst seams"; " a ruptured appendix"; " a busted balloon"
  15. of Burst
  16. To fly apart or in pieces; of break open; to yield to force or pressure, especially to a sudden and violent exertion of force, or to pressure from within; to explode; as, the boiler had burst; the buds will burst in spring.
  17. To exert force or pressure by which something is made suddenly to give way; to break through obstacles or limitations; hence, to appear suddenly and unexpectedly or unaccountably, or to depart in such manner; -- usually with some qualifying adverb or preposition, as forth, out, away, into, upon, through, etc.
  18. To break or rend by violence, as by an overcharge or by strain or pressure, esp. from within; to force open suddenly; as, to burst a cannon; to burst a blood vessel; to burst open the doors.
  19. To break.
  20. To produce as an effect of bursting; as, to burst a hole through the wall.
  21. A sudden breaking forth; a violent rending; an explosion; as, a burst of thunder; a burst of applause; a burst of passion; a burst of inspiration.
  22. Any brief, violent exertion or effort; a spurt; as, a burst of speed.
  23. A sudden opening, as of landscape; a stretch; an expanse.
  24. A rupture or hernia; a breach.
  25. To break open by flying to pieces; to explode; to break suddenly into action, speech, or feeling; usually with out, upon, into, etc.; as, to burst into tears; appear or disappear suddenly; as, a scene bursts upon the view.
  26. Burst.
  27. Bursting.
  28. To break by violence; to open suddenly.
  29. A violent or sudden breaking forth; as, a burst of applause; a sudden explosion; a rush; a spurt.
  30. To break into pieces: to break open suddenly or by violence.
  31. To fly open or break in pieces: to break forth or away:- pa. t. and pa. p. burst.
  32. A sudden outbreak.
  33. To break open or into pieces.
  34. To fly open or into pieces.
  35. To rend, break, or disrupt suddenly or violently.
  36. To suffer rupture from an internal force.
  37. To exhibit some sudden and violent activity, break forth; break away.
  38. To be filled or stirred to overflowing or breaking, as with passion.
  39. A sudden or violent explosion or breaking forth; sudden rending or disruption.
  40. A sudden effort; spurt; rush; as a burst of speed.
  41. A sudden breaking forth; a sudden explosion or shooting forth; a rent.
  42. To break or reud open with violence.
  43. To break or fly open suddenly and with violence; to disrupt violently; to explode; to break, rush forth, or fall upon suddenly or with violence.
  44. A sudden breakage; an explosion; a violent outbreak.
  45. To break open forcibly or with sudden violence; to break away from; to come upon unexpectedly; to break forth, or into, with violence; to rend by force.

Antonyms for burst

doldrums, mend, join, go off, attach, solder, slump, calm, fasten, secure, unite, implosion, make, implode, weld, bind.

Quotes of burst

  1. When France resolved, along with England, to lend assistance in the legitimate defense of Poland, the realization burst on us that a conflict of awesome proportions was inevitable. – Rene Cassin
  2. I shot down some German planes and I got shot down myself, crashing in a burst of flames and crawling out, getting rescued by brave soldiers. – Roald Dahl
  3. A long sea implies an uniform and steady motion of long and extensive waves; on the contrary, a short sea is when they run irregularly, broken, and interrupted; so as frequently to burst over a vessel's side or quarter. – William Falconer
  4. Grant me some wild expressions, Heavens, or I shall burst – George Farquhar
  5. From each one of them rose separate columns of smoke, meeting in a pall overhead, and through the smoke came stabbing flashes of fire as German shells burst with thudding shocks of sound. This was the front line of battle. – Philip Gibbs
  6. My friends and I make short films. We pretended to rob the Dairy Queen where our friend worked, but someone thought we were real thieves and called the cops! Soon, the cops burst in with guns drawn! – Josh Hartnett
  7. In June as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day. No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them. – Aldo Leopold
  8. I visited those friends who'd just had a baby, and she was washing dishes and he was cleaning the house, and I burst with happiness. And in their minds, they were in this terrible domestic rut. – Josh Lucas
  9. I was not out to paint beautiful pictures; even painting good pictures was not important to me. I wanted only to help the truth burst forth. – Alice Miller
  10. Occasionally a student writer comes up with something really beautiful and moving, and you won't know for years if it was an accident or the first burst of something wonderful. – Howard Nemerov
  11. But after this natural burst of indignation, no man of sense, courage, or prudence will waste his time or his strength in retrospective reproaches or repinings. – Robert Peel
  12. I'm not a pretty boy who came to town and burst out of the gate, which is a good thing, because if I was, I probably wouldn't have been good enough then. I probably wouldn't have lasted. So I was very lucky not to be pretty. – Jeremy Piven
  13. We had a booming stock market in 1929 and then went into the world's greatest depression. We have a booming stock market in 1999. Will the bubble somehow burst and then we enter depression? Well, some things are not different. – Jeffrey Sachs
  14. Better belly burst than good liquor be lost. – Jonathan Swift

Usage examples for burst

  1. He burst in on his mother like a young wind. – Love of Brothers by Katharine Tynan
  2. Jeanne burst out laughing. – Between Whiles by Helen Hunt Jackson
  3. " I mean nothing of the kind," he burst out. – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  4. Is so that he shan't burst in till I know. – The Awkward Age by Henry James
  5. But she said she looked around at Henry, and he was watchin' to see how she'd take it, and all at once he burst out laughin', and that made her mad again, and she thought about all the trouble she'd been through, and she begun cry in' again and says she, 'Oh! – The Land of Long Ago by Eliza Calvert Hall
  6. Then he burst again into a laugh. – Clementina by A.E.W. Mason
  7. And then Edith burst away and hurried down the street. – The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead
  8. A burst of applause followed. – Leo the Circus Boy by Ralph Bonehill
  9. When are his great plans to burst out? – Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862 by Adam Gurowski
  10. " Oh, no, don't be sorry," I burst out, for I had often talked about this with Carrie. – Esther A Book for Girls by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  11. In a moment or two the door burst open and in came Biddy. – The Rectory Children by Mrs Molesworth
  12. And now with a sudden movement she burst into tears and flung her arms about my neck. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  13. And then their eyes met, and at the same moment they burst out laughing. – The Gem Collector by P. G. Wodehouse
  14. As soon as the woman's back was turned, Joe burst out, " There, there! – The Sport of the Gods by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  15. Mrs. Stanhope took her in her arms, and burst into tears. – Gritli's Children by Johanna Spyri
  16. He was received with a burst of violent exclamations. – Garrick's Pupil by Auguston Filon
  17. But it is my head that is going to burst – The Mirror of the Sea by Joseph Conrad
  18. I- I and she burst into a short, nervous laugh that shocked even herself- I do not marry Lord Langley for love. – Countess Erika's Apprenticeship by Ossip Schubin
  19. Then she burst into tears, and kissed him, and told him that she would always look to him as to a brother. – The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope
  20. I get so happy I feel that I'll burst if I'm not careful. – Judy of York Hill by Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett