Usage examples for bureau

  1. These applications must be quite separate and distinct; each on its own papier timbre, which you buy at any bureau de tabac. – The Automobilist Abroad by M. F. (Milburg Francisco) Mansfield
  2. Eighty negro physicians of the city collected information which took the form of a weekly report of the Bureau of Health. – Negro Migration during the War by Emmett J. Scott
  3. But Kate, as she sat before her bureau, had no thought of these things just now. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  4. Removing from my bureau a card I had stuck in the glass, he put it in his. – Edgar Saltus: The Man by Marie Saltus
  5. You had better stand back by the bureau and listen. – That Affair Next Door by Anna Katharine Green
  6. You might, for example, send your pound weight to the Bureau of Standards in Washington and for a small payment have the Bureau compare it with the pound which it keeps as a standard. – Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son by John Mills
  7. The bureau didn't touch this story last night- why, I thought it was too 'it- is- understood' and 'rumor- has- it' and all that, to go even with the Daily- in your old own town. – Captivating Mary Carstairs by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  8. She opened the bureau drawer and threw a white silk waist upon the bed. – The Mayor of Warwick by Herbert M. Hopkins
  9. So do I- me and my bureau and my hens. – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  10. " You don't know," he asked, " who took that stuff from Howells; who hid it in your bureau?" – The Abandoned Room by Wadsworth Camp
  11. I went to my bureau to- night for something and found the money gone; then I remembered that when I opened it two days ago I must have left the key in the lock, as I found it to- night. – The Sport of the Gods by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  12. " I was afraid something had happened to you, Captain, and have just been over to the Bureau to find out if they had news of you. – The Lost Despatch by Natalie Sumner Lincoln
  13. There was no evidence of the house or bureau having been disturbed. – Courts and Criminals by Arthur Train
  14. " Just at the foot of your bureau, Mac. – 'Laramie;' or, The Queen of Bedlam. by Charles King
  15. When they had taken two of the five green chairs and John was back at his bureau, Felix handed over the letter. – The Freelands by John Galsworthy
  16. Then she led him over to the bureau. – Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance by Frances Cavanah
  17. Edward H. Hamilton, chief of the Journal bureau, is admirably equipped for his task. – All about the Klondyke gold mines by J. Armoy Knox J. G. Pratt
  18. They are in the bureau. – Bohemians of the Latin Quarter by Henry Murger
  19. But the search would take her some time, so he bade her good- bye, and she went at once to a bureau which stood in a small back- room, where Dempster used sometimes to write letters and receive people who came on business out of office hours. – Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot