Definitions of bunting

  1. a loosely woven fabric used for flags, etc.
  2. A bird of the genus Emberiza, or of an allied genus, related to the finches and sparrows ( family Fringillidae).
  3. Alt. of Buntine
  4. A bird related to the finches and the sparrows; a light. Loosely woven woolen stuff used chiefly for making flags.
  5. A thin woollen stuff of which ships' colors are made: a kind of bird.
  6. Thin woollen cloth of which flags are made.
  7. A light, woolen stuff used for flags; hence, flags, etc.
  8. A finchlike bird.
  9. A thin woollen cloth used for flags, and variously coloured.
  10. A name for different kinds of birds, as yellow bunting, corn- bunting, snow- bunting.