Definitions of bull

  1. To endeavor to raise the market price of; as, to bull railroad bonds; to bull stocks; to bull Lake Shore; to endeavor to raise prices in; as, to bull the market. See 1st Bull, n., 4.
  2. To be in heat; to manifest sexual desire as cows do.
  3. A letter, edict, or respect, of the pope, written in Gothic characters on rough parchment, sealed with a bulla, and dated a die Incarnationis, i. e., from the day of the Incarnation. See Apostolical brief, under Brief.
  4. A grotesque blunder in language; an apparent congruity, but real incongruity, of ideas, contained in a form of expression.
  5. A seal. See Bulla.
  6. To try dishonestly to enhance the value of shares.
  7. mature male of various mammals of which the female is called ` cow'; e. g. whales or elephants or especially cattle
  8. uncastrated adult male of domestic cattle
  9. ( astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Taurus
  10. obscene words for unacceptable behavior; " I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk"; " what he said was mostly bull"
  11. an investor with an optimistic market outlook; an investor who expects prices to rise and so buys now for resale later
  12. uncomplimentary terms for a policeman
  13. advance in price; " stocks were bulling"
  14. try to raise the price of stocks through speculative buying
  15. The male of any species of cattle ( Bovidae); hence, the male of any large quadruped, as the elephant; also, the male of the whale.
  16. One who, or that which, resembles a bull in character or action.
  17. Taurus, the second of the twelve signs of the zodiac.
  18. One who operates in expectation of a rise in the price of stocks, or in order to effect such a rise. See 4th Bear, n., 5.
  19. The male of the species of animals of which the cow is the female; the male of various large animals, as the whale, elephant, etc.; in the stock market, one who endeavors to raise the price of stock; an official order by the Pope; as, a papal bull; a ridiculous contradiction in language.
  20. The male of the ox kind: a sign of the zodiac.
  21. An edict of the pope which has his seal affixed.
  22. A ludicrous blunder in speech.
  23. The male of cattle; a sealed edict of the Pope; a blunder.
  24. An official document of the Pope, sealed with a leaden seal.
  25. A ridiculous contradiction in terms; a blundering statement.
  26. The male of a bovine quadruped; Taurus, one of the twelve signs of the zodiac; one who nominally buys stock on the speculation of its rising in value.
  27. An edict of the Pope. See Bear.
  28. A ludicrous inconsistency or blunder in speech.
  29. The male of the cow kind; in Scrip., a fierce and powerful enemy.
  30. A name at first applied to the seal attached to an edict of the Pope, but now applied to the edict itself; a blunder; in the Stock Exchange, those who try to raise the price of stocks are called bulls, and those who try to lower their price, bears.
  31. characterized by rising prices; " a bull market"
  32. Of or pertaining to a bull; resembling a bull; male; large; fierce.
  33. Denoting largeness of size- used in composition, as bull- trout.
  34. Of a large size; male.