Definitions of buffoon

  1. To treat with buffoonery.
  2. To act the part of a buffoon.
  3. To make ridiculous.
  4. A man who makes a practice of amusing others by low tricks, antic gestures, etc.; a droll; a mimic; a harlequin; a clown; a merry- andrew.
  5. One who amuses others by low jests, antics, odd gestures, etc., as a clown.
  6. One who amuses by jests, grimaces, etc.: a clown.
  7. Buffoonery.
  8. A professional clown; low jester.
  9. One who amuses others with low jests, grimaces, antic postures, & c.; a merryandrew.
  10. Characteristic of, or like, a buffoon.