Definitions of brief

  1. ( of clothing) very short; " an abbreviated swimsuit"; " a brief bikini"
  2. give essential information to someone; " The reporters were briefed about the President's plan to invade"
  3. a condensed written summary or abstract
  4. a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case
  5. concise and succinct; " covered the matter in a brief statement"
  6. of short duration or distance; " a brief stay in the country"; " in a little while"; " it's a little way away"
  7. Short in duration.
  8. Concise; terse; succinct.
  9. Rife; common; prevalent.
  10. Briefly.
  11. Soon; quickly.
  12. A short concise writing or letter; a statement in few words.
  13. An epitome.
  14. An abridgment or concise statement of a client's case, made out for the instruction of counsel in a trial at law. This word is applied also to a statement of the heads or points of a law argument.
  15. A writ issuing from the chancery, directed to any judge ordinary, commanding and authorizing that judge to call a jury to inquire into the case, and upon their verdict to pronounce sentence.
  16. A letter patent, from proper authority, authorizing a collection or charitable contribution of money in churches, for any public or private purpose.
  17. To make an abstract or abridgment of; to shorten; as, to brief pleadings.
  18. A document used to submit a legal contention or argument to a court. A brief typically sets out the facts of the case and a party's argument as to why she should prevail. These arguments must be supported by legal authority and precedent, such as statutes, regulations and previous court decisions. Although it is usually possible to submit a brief to a trial court ( called a trial brief), briefs are most commonly used as a central part of the appeal process ( an appellate brief). But don't be fooled by the name -- briefs are usually anything but brief, as pointed out by writer Franz Kafka, who defined a lawyer as " a person who writes a 10, 000 word decision and calls it a brief."
  19. A short statement of a case for the instruction of a lawyer.
  20. To shorten; to make a shortened statement of.
  21. Briefness.
  22. Short: concise.
  23. A short account of a client's case for the instruction of counsel: a writ: a short statement of any kind.
  24. A brief statement of a law- case.
  25. To epitomize; abridge.
  26. Short in time or space; quickly passing; concise; limited.
  27. Any short statement, as of a law- case; an epitome.
  28. A short statement, especially of a client's case for the instruction of counsel in conducting it; a writ summoning a man to answer to any action; a letter patent, authorizing a collection of money in churches for any public or private purpose; a papal letter. In brief, in a few words.
  29. An abridged writing; an epitome; short written instructions to counsel in conducting a case before a court of law.

Usage examples for brief

  1. Here it is, in brief: It is during a meal, somewhere or another. – Letters from my Windmill by Alphonse Daudet
  2. There was an eye- witness to this single picture in the brief scene. – Jane Cable by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. Another time- But we must be brief. – Strange True Stories of Louisiana by George Washington Cable
  4. In a brief time the two white men advanced to the camp. – The Go Ahead Boys and Simon's Mine by Ross Kay
  5. Little did I think then that in twelve brief hours he would know their reality better than I possibly could. – Miss Ellis's Mission by Mary P. Wells Smith
  6. Let me tell my story quietly to the end and I will be brief. – The Golden Age in Transylvania by Mór Jókai
  7. " Menie, dear child, has had a life bright and brief. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  8. There was a brief or almost no struggle. – A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times Volume II. of VI. by Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot
  9. Listen, please; I will be very brief. – Love Under Fire by Randall Parrish
  10. Then the warrior whom Spotted Deer believed to be the Shawnee chief made a brief talk. – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor
  11. " That's decided," was the brief answer. – Ranching for Sylvia by Harold Bindloss
  12. " I will be brief," said Maritza. – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  13. The message was brief. – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  14. After a brief absence, Fanny returned with news of my lord. – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  15. With this blank full upon her, she stood there for one brief, unprecedented instant in her life, a figure without presence or effect. – A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life. by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  16. Your man is certainly some brief- and to the point. – Janice Day by Helen Beecher Long
  17. But no matter; lies are brief. – Yolanda of Cyprus by Cale Young Rice
  18. For a brief second the Indian hesitated. – The Boy Scouts in A Trapper's Camp by Thornton W. Burgess
  19. " I know," was the brief answer. – Killykinick by Mary T. Waggaman
  20. The brief enthusiasm died out of Dan's face. – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice