Usage examples for brands

  1. They rose from the rocky floor and extinguished the brands with their feet. – Foes by Mary Johnston
  2. They've been running Doubleday's steers right down to the railroad camp on the Spider Water- we traced the brands on 'em. – Laramie Holds the Range by Frank H. Spearman
  3. When Jane heard the story, she was spending a few days with the Brands in Wimpole Street. – The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay
  4. And by your expression I take it you don't know how fine some of those brands are. – The Coast of Chance by Esther Chamberlain Lucia Chamberlain
  5. Then Metaneira started up, and she sprang to the hearth, and she snatched the child from beside the burning brands. – The Golden Fleece and the Heroes who Lived Before Achilles by Padraic Colum
  6. Nothing, however, could be found on them till some brands brought from the fire threw a light on the subject, when it was discovered that they had chosen the neighbourhood of a nest of ants, of a species addicted to nocturnal rambles. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  7. Tell me: If your father did not shift those brands, then who did? – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory
  8. English exports ceased entirely and were replaced in this country by Chinese and Japanese brands. – The Economic Aspect of Geology by C. K. Leith
  9. A great army cannot be quartered anywhere, even for a week, without scattering brands of ill- will all around it. – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  10. Well, there are several brands, but only one or two that really poison- unless, of course, a man is very poor. – No Hero by E.W. Hornung
  11. Well, here you'd be: your easy chair, your pictures, your favorite brands of cigars and Scotch. – Wilt Thou Torchy by Sewell Ford
  12. Several souls were then and there snatched as brands from the eternal burning, and started on their way to heaven rejoicing. – The Fiend's Delight by Dod Grile
  13. It should be of the finest quality- for it is a present from one who will smoke nothing but the choice brands. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli
  14. The front stick on the fire broke, fell in two blazing upright brands to right and left, and cast a sudden flood of light on the two figures in the door- way. – Hetty's Strange History by Anonymous
  15. These brands consist of the buds and youngest leaves. – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  16. It behooves, then, every lover of a good cigar to make himself familiar with the best makers and brands, and to purchase those, and those only, that suit his taste. – Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce by E. R. Billings
  17. Soon the vast crowd becoming impatient, burst through the barriers, and scattered the burning brands. – Six Letters From the Colonies by Robert Seaton
  18. Of all the brands of condensed milk, those only should be selected which contain little or no cane sugar. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler