Definitions of bottom

  1. a depression forming the ground under a body of water; " he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
  2. provide with a bottom or a seat, as of chairs
  3. a cargo ship; " they did much of their overseas trade in foreign bottoms"
  4. the lower side of anything
  5. the lowest part of anything; " they started at the bottom of the hill"
  6. low- lying alluvial land near a river
  7. the second half of an inning; while the home team is at bat
  8. the lowest rank; " bottom member of the class"
  9. at the bottom; lowest or last; " the bottom price"
  10. strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom
  11. situated at the bottom or lowest position; " the bottom drawer"
  12. come to understand
  13. the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on; " he deserves a good kick in the butt"; " are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"
  14. provide with a bottom or a seat; " bottom the chairs"
  15. The lowest part of anything; the foot; as, the bottom of a tree or well; the bottom of a hill, a lane, or a page.
  16. The part of anything which is beneath the contents and supports them, as the part of a chair on which a person sits, the circular base or lower head of a cask or tub, or the plank floor of a ship's hold; the under surface.
  17. That upon which anything rests or is founded, in a literal or a figurative sense; foundation; groundwork.
  18. The bed of a body of water, as of a river, lake, sea.
  19. The fundament; the buttocks.
  20. An abyss.
  21. Low land formed by alluvial deposits along a river; low- lying ground; a dale; a valley.
  22. The part of a ship which is ordinarily under water; hence, the vessel itself; a ship.
  23. Power of endurance; as, a horse of a good bottom.
  24. Dregs or grounds; lees; sediment.
  25. Of or pertaining to the bottom; fundamental; lowest; under; as, bottom rock; the bottom board of a wagon box; bottom prices.
  26. To furnish with a bottom; as, to bottom a chair.
  27. To reach or get to the bottom of.
  28. To reach or impinge against the bottom, so as to impede free action, as when the point of a cog strikes the bottom of a space between two other cogs, or a piston the end of a cylinder.
  29. A ball or skein of thread; a cocoon.
  30. To wind round something, as in making a ball of thread.
  31. To found or build upon; to fix upon as a support; - followed by on or upon.
  32. To rest, as upon an ultimate support; to be based or grounded; - usually with on or upon.
  33. The deepest part of anything; the base; foundation; root; the ground under any body of water; the seat of a chair; low land; power to endure; the part of a vessel below the waterling; hence, a ship.
  34. Lowest; undermost.
  35. To found or build upon; furnish with a foundation.
  36. Bottomless.
  37. The lowest part of anything: that on which anything rests or is founded: low land, as in a valley: the keel of a ship, hence the vessel itself.
  38. To found or rest upon.
  39. The lowest part of anything; a valley.
  40. To furnish with a bottom or foundation.
  41. To base or found ( upon); fathom; rest; touch bottom.
  42. Lowest; fundamental; basal.
  43. The lowest part of anything; base; support; root; dregs.
  44. The ground beneath or low land near a body of water.
  45. The part of a vessel below the water- line; hence, a vessel.
  46. Endurance; stamina; grit.
  47. At the very bottom; in a low situation. Bottom heat, the temperature communicated to certain soils, by fermenting and decomposing substances placed underneath them. On one's own bottom, independently of others.
  48. The lowest, deepest, or remotest part of anything; the ground under any body of water; the foundation or base; the part on which a thing rests or sits; a dale; a valley; the extremity of the trunk of animals; a ship; the dregs of liquor; cause; stamina; strength.
  49. To found or build upon; to furnish with a bottom; to fathom.
  50. To rest upon.
  51. The lowest part of anything; the foundation or base; that on which anything rests; the deepest part of a subject; the lowest part of a declivity; the end; natural strength; a ship.
  52. To found or build upon; to rest upon as a support.
  53. A ball of thread wound up; a cocoon.

Quotes of bottom

  1. Don't try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It can't be done except by liars. – Bernard Baruch
  2. One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line. – William J. Clinton
  3. The bottom line is that five million low -income Americans working full time for minimum wage, deserve a raise. – Jim Clyburn
  4. The bottom line is the Kiss Army is growing by leaps and bounds. – Ace Frehley
  5. There are fairies at the bottom of our garden. – Rose Fyleman
  6. The bottom line is that there is a lot more that could and should be done to help people with nutrition and exercise. – Parris Glendening
  7. Writers write to influence their readers, their preachers, their auditors, but always, at bottom to be more themselves. – Aldous Huxley
  8. Hesitation before birth. If there is a transmigration of souls then I am not yet on the bottom rung. My life is a hesitation before birth. – Franz Kafka
  9. There is a fundamental situation in which the country has reached rock bottom that a mother can't send her children out of the house in the morning. The country has reached rock bottom and this needs to be changed. – Benjamin Netanyahu
  10. If we accept the rule of those who think they are the bosses and lords of Mexico, nothing will change for the people on the bottom – Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
  11. Today I can declare my hope and declare it from the bottom of my heart that we will eventually see the time when that number of nuclear weapons is down to zero and the world is a much better place. – Colin Powell
  12. When you're on the road, you have to be louder and you have to communicate. That's really the bottom line. – Vinny Testaverde
  13. I did study the art of being a barber because I wanted to figure out what my routine would be. Do you start in the front or back? Top or bottom Swivel the chair or walk around? What I did discover is there's no such thing as the perfect haircut! – Sean Patrick Thomas
  14. At one point, I didn't get out of bed for, I think, three months, and I went down to the bottom of the hill one day and I had to call somebody to get me to come back up- come pick me up because I couldn't physically walk up the hill. – Tanya Tucker
  15. I think the bottom of the totem pole is African -American women, or women of colour. I think they get the least opportunities in Hollywood. – Denzel Washington

Usage examples for bottom

  1. At the bottom of the valley cross the Grenouiller, and join the road to Agay. – The South of France--East Half by Charles Bertram Black
  2. What is at the bottom of all this? – Studies in Forensic Psychiatry by Bernard Glueck
  3. Then every one said: 'But now we have touched bottom – London to Ladysmith via Pretoria by Winston Spencer Churchill
  4. Now, Signor, we want to get at the bottom of this. – The Intriguers by William Le Queux
  5. The top and the free side of the bottom bowed in. – Into the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  6. Jill came in and sat on the bottom of the bed. – Jill's Red Bag by Amy Le Feuvre
  7. I live between my corner at the top of the house, and Mrs. Purcell's corner at the bottom – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  8. His eyes were fixed at the bottom of the cup at the moment, but presently he lifted them, and, with a sharp cry, he let the cup fall to the ground and sprang to his feet. – Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir by Charles Garvice
  9. Let us be thankful that we didn't go to the bottom along with her. – Sunk at Sea by R.M. Ballantyne
  10. You heard me calling down at the bottom – In the Wilderness by Robert Hichens
  11. I suppose there was a woman at the bottom of it? – Fantômas by Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain
  12. There are five down in the bottom of the boat, sir, and six or seven of us have been hit more or less. – Jack Archer by G. A. Henty
  13. " You know, at bottom you are a child. – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  14. At the bottom of the wide street appeared dancing figures. – Witch-Doctors by Charles Beadle
  15. From the bottom of my heart I pity that man to- night! – Afterwards by Kathlyn Rhodes
  16. Pete realized that to make a fresh start in life he would have to begin at the bottom – The Ridin' Kid from Powder River by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  17. At the bottom of your mind you mean to give that hundred. – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett
  18. There was a high gate near the bottom of the path, but that was sure to be open. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  19. I must get at the bottom of the secret of my spring. – Six Little Bunkers at Uncle Fred's by Laura Lee Hope
  20. She has gone to the bottom of course, where I told you she would go. – Haste and Waste by Oliver Optic