Definitions of boom

  1. To rush, as a ship under a press of sail; to sound with a boom.
  2. To sound with a deep, resonant tone; rush onward impetuously.
  3. To push forward; advance with a rush; gain rapidly.
  4. To extend, or push, with a boom or pole; as, to boom out a sail; to boom off a boat.
  5. To cause to advance rapidly in price; as, to boom railroad or mining shares; to create a boom for; as to boom Mr. C. for senator.
  6. To make a loud hollow noise; rush with violence.
  7. To control or confine by means of a boom.
  8. To cry with a hollow note; to make a hollow sound, as the bittern, and some insects.
  9. To make a hollow sound, as of waves or cannon.
  10. To rush with violence and noise, as a ship under a press of sail, before a free wind.
  11. To have a rapid growth in market value or in popular favor; to go on rushingly.
  12. To make a deep, hollow sound; to grow rapidly in value, population, or popular esteem.
  13. To make a hollow sound or roar.
  14. grow stronger; " The economy was booming"
  15. To sound loud and dull like a gun; to roll and roar; to rush quickly, as a ship through the water.
  16. any of various more- or- less horizontal spars or poles used to extend the foot of a sail or for handling cargo or in mooring
  17. a state of economic prosperity
  18. make a resonant sound, like artillery; " His deep voice boomed through the hall"
  19. A long pole or spar, run out for the purpose of extending the bottom of a particular sail; as, the jib boom, the studding- sail boom, etc.
  20. A long spar or beam, projecting from the mast of a derrick, from the outer end of which the body to be lifted is suspended.
  21. A pole with a conspicuous top, set up to mark the channel in a river or harbor.
  22. A strong chain cable, or line of spars bound together, extended across a river or the mouth of a harbor, to obstruct navigation or passage.
  23. A line of connected floating timbers stretched across a river, or inclosing an area of water, to keep saw logs, etc., from floating away.
  24. A hollow roar, as of waves or cannon; also, the hollow cry of the bittern; a booming.
  25. A strong and extensive advance, with more or less noisy excitement; -- applied colloquially or humorously to market prices, the demand for stocks or commodities and to political chances of aspirants to office; as, a boom in the stock market; a boom in coffee.
  26. A long pole or spar run out to extend the bottom of a sail; a deep, hollow sound; a sudden demand for something on sale, accompanied by a rapid rise in price; as, the increased use of automobiles caused a boom in rubber and gasoline; a rapid growth in population.
  27. A pole by which a sail is stretched: a chain or bar stretched across a harbor.
  28. A hollow roar, as of the sea, the cry of the bittern, etc.
  29. A spar to extend a foreand- alt sail; piece of timber to obstruct ships or floating bodies.
  30. A deep, reverberating sound, as of a cannon.
  31. A spar holding the foot of a fore- and- aft sail.
  32. A chain of logs to confine floating logs, etc.
  33. A torrent; sudden activity or prosperity.
  34. A long pole or spar to extend a sail; a strong iron chain, line of spars, or other bar, extended across a river, or barbour mouth, to obstruct the passage; a pole set up as a mark in a channel to direct seamen.
  35. A hollow sound, as of waves, & c.; a sudden and increasing demand for a thing; a sudden outburst of popular favour.
  36. A long pole or spar used in a ship to stretch out any particular sail at the bottom; a chain, a rope, spars, or some other obstacle placed across a river or harbour to prevent the entry or approach of hostile ships.
  37. A hollow roar, as shot rushing through the air.