Definitions of blockade

  1. obstruct access to
  2. hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of; " His brother blocked him at every turn"
  3. a war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy
  4. prevents access or progress
  5. impose a blockade on
  6. A grooved pulley or sheave incased in a frame or shell which is provided with a hook, eye, or strap, by which it may be attached to an object. It is used to change the direction of motion, as in raising a heavy object that can not be conveniently reached, and also, when two or more such sheaves are compounded, to change the rate of motion, or to exert increased force; -- used especially in the rigging of ships, and in tackles.
  7. The shutting up of a place by troops or ships, with the purpose of preventing ingress or egress, or the reception of supplies; as, the blockade of the ports of an enemy.
  8. An obstruction to passage.
  9. To shut up, as a town or fortress, by investing it with troops or vessels or war for the purpose of preventing ingress or egress, or the introduction of supplies. See note under Blockade, n.
  10. Hence, to shut in so as to prevent egress.
  11. To obstruct entrance to or egress from.
  12. The shutting up of a place, as a port, by ships or troops of an enemy in order to prevent anything from coming in or going out.
  13. To surround and shut up; to block.
  14. The blocking up of a place by surrounding it with troops or by ships.
  15. To block up by troops or ships.
  16. The shutting up a place by hostile forces.
  17. To stop all access to.
  18. To close to traffic by military or naval force; obstruct; block up.
  19. The closing of a seaport, etc., by hostile forces.
  20. A siege carried on by so surrounding a place as to prevent the besieged having any communication with the outside.
  21. To surround by blockade. Blockade- runner, a ship for breaking through a blockade by sea.
  22. The surrounding or shutting up any place with a sufficient number of soldiers or ships, in order to prevent any intercourse with its inhabitants.
  23. To shut up a town or a fortress with an army or with ships, to compel it to surrender.

Usage examples for blockade

  1. Soon the capital began to feel the miseries of a blockade – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  2. " You shouldn't have broken the blockade and your friends shouldn't have rebelled and broken the laws," said I. " Laws!" – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. British commerce was seriously interfered with by the blockade – Cruise and Captures of the Alabama by Albert M. Goodrich
  4. There are not enough provisions now in Dawson to feed those already there, and only a limited supply can be transported there before the winter blockade begins. – All about the Klondyke gold mines by J. Armoy Knox J. G. Pratt
  5. What do you think of Southern forts garrisoned by Northern troops, and Southern cities in blockade – Daisy in the Field by Elizabeth Wetherell
  6. Wherever the preparations for the blockade were still incomplete, neither the approach of night nor the pretext of weariness were suffered for an instant to hinder their continued progress. – Antonina by Wilkie Collins
  7. These were to be followed shortly afterwards by twelve more under Thrasycles, also taken from the blockade – The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
  8. An unceasing watch was in consequence kept on the river and coasts to prevent such persons from running the blockade the salt works had to be guarded, and a strict patrol maintained to report any advance of English or refugees. – Peggy Owen and Liberty by Lucy Foster Madison
  9. Look out for the blockade – Memories of Childhood's Slavery Days by Annie L. Burton
  10. Still no news of when we are to start, but presumably it will be soon because of the " blockade which starts on the 18th. – Servants of the Guns by Jeffery E. Jeffery
  11. No other assault was attempted- the blockade was continued to May 1776. On the 18th of June Arnold withdrew from Canada. – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  12. I hinted at the possibilities of blockade – If I May by A. A. Milne
  13. The removal, so far as possible, of all economic barriers was applied to German barriers, and accompanied by the blockade of a people with whom we have never been at war. – The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference by Emile Joseph Dillon
  14. Germany's enemies were the first to declare a blockade on Germany, and the same is being persistently carried out. – Peking Dust by Ellen N. La Motte
  15. They may sell goods, except materials of war, to either belligerent, Blockade – Studies in Civics by James T. McCleary
  16. The blockade business made the town and the hotel very lively. – Fighting for the Right by Oliver Optic
  17. From this city he issued, on November 21, the famous decree which was his answer to the British blockade of the continent. – Union and Democracy by Allen Johnson
  18. The blockade of Paris had paralyzed France. – The Maids of Paradise by Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers
  19. They are very numerous and powerful, and the Arabs of the towns are certainly afraid of them, for they can make travelling in the country very difficult, and even blockade the towns. – Southern Arabia by Theodore Bent Mabel Bent