Usage examples for Blanchard

  1. Madame Blanchard, who as I have said had set out in her balloon an hour after the birth of the King of Rome, to carry the news into all places she passed, first descended at Saint- Tiebault near Lagny, and from there, as the wind had subsided, returned to Paris. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  2. After that desperate attempt, Blanchard obtained work as a printer's reader with Messrs. – Curiosities of Impecuniosity by H. G. Somerville
  3. In actual fact, it had been adopted with every assurance of complete success by the year 1785, when Blanchard by its means lowered dogs and other animals with safety from a balloon. – The Dominion of the Air by J. M. Bacon
  4. After a time, the cold becoming excessive, Blanchard descended until he could distinguish men on the earth, and hear their shouting. – Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies by Fulgence Marion
  5. John Blanchard, who kept the best school in Nottingham, where he learnt writing, arithmetic, and French; and he continued there for several years. – The Poetical Works of Henry Kirke White With a Memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas by Henry Kirke White
  6. " Captain Cole," said Horble, " Madge has told me how near it was a go between you and her, and how, if you hadn't cleared out so sudden the way you did, she would have married you in spite of old Blanchard. – Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas by Lloyd Osbourne
  7. A new current separated the aerial voyagers, but the parachute, with its canine passenger, reached the ground safely a short time after Blanchard had landed from his balloon. – Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies by Fulgence Marion
  8. Pushed back by them, he drew his sword, leaped into the car or boat, wounded Blanchard, cut the rigging, and broke the oars or wings. – Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies by Fulgence Marion
  9. Finally, after a pause, looking at him, " You 're very generous," Miss Blanchard said. – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  10. He sat down and looked at the clock; the face of that would, at least, tell him something definite: Blanchard said that he was talking from the club, around the corner, and would be along in five minutes. – All-Wool Morrison by Holman Day
  11. Another Massachusetts boy, Thomas Blanchard, invented the lathe for turning irregular objects, and well deserves mention. – Inventors by Philip Gengembre Hubert
  12. Hills and Saunders, of Oxford, and Mr. Lord and Mr. Blanchard, of Cambridge, for a similar courtesy in the case of the article on Greek Plays at the Universities. – Reviews by Oscar Wilde
  13. M. Blanchard was presented with the freedom of the city in a gold box, and application was made to the Ministry to have the balloon purchased and deposited as a memorial in the church. – The Dominion of the Air by J. M. Bacon
  14. See Poems of, edited by W. B. Scott, 1873. See Life by L. Blanchard, 1841, and Living Age, Jan 6, 1883. Pub. – A Brief Handbook of English Authors by Oscar Fay Adams
  15. Captain Blanchard, proprietor both of the ship, and of the whole cargo, had, upon the strength of a mere report, expended his whole capital upon certain articles of which he had heard that New Archangel was in need; and now, at the close of his immense voyage, found with dismay that not only was the colony well provided for the present, but that a ship was also daily expected from St. Petersburg laden with every thing it could desire. – A New Voyage Round the World, in the years 1823, 24, 25, and 26, Vol. 2 by Otto von Kotzebue
  16. I've been keeping my eyes open, Blanchard- ears, too! – All-Wool Morrison by Holman Day