Definitions of bitter

  1. Having a peculiar, acrid, biting taste, like that of wormwood or an infusion of hops; as, a bitter medicine; bitter as aloes.
  2. Causing pain or smart; piercing; painful; sharp; severe; as, a bitter cold day.
  3. Causing, or fitted to cause, pain or distress to the mind; calamitous; poignant.
  4. Characterized by sharpness, severity, or cruelty; harsh; stern; virulent; as, bitter reproach.
  5. Mournful; sad; distressing; painful; pitiable.
  6. To make bitter.
  7. make bitter
  8. To make bitter. See Bitters. See Bite.
  9. the taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the mouth
  10. ( British) dry sharp- tasting ale with strong flavor of hops
  11. Bitterness.
  12. AA turn of the cable which is round the bitts.
  13. Any substance that is bitter. See Bitters.
  14. Any substance having a bitter taste.
  15. That which is bitter; bitterness.
  16. Anything bitter.
  17. Sharp; biting to the taste; severe; reproachful; painful to the feelings or mind; distressing.
  18. Bitterly.
  19. proceeding from or exhibiting great hostility or animosity; " a bitter struggle"; " bitter enemies"
  20. expressive of severe grief or regret; " shed bitter tears"
  21. very difficult to accept or bear; " the bitter truth"; " a bitter sorrow"
  22. English term for a dry sharp- tasting ale with strong flavor of hops ( usually on draft)
  23. one of the four basic taste sensations; sharp and disagreeable; like the taste of quinine
  24. Having a sharp or harsh taste; sharp to the feeling; as, bitter cold; painful; grievous; as, bitter woe; severe; reproachful; sarcastic; as, bitter words; cruel; full of hatred; as, a bitter enemy.
  25. Biting or acrid to the taste: sharp: painful.
  27. Having a certain unpleasant taste; sharp; afflictive; rancorous.
  28. Having a peculiar acrid taste, as of quinin.
  29. Painful; keen; poignant; stinging; sharp; severe.
  30. Resentful; harsh; hateful.
  31. Sharp or biting to the taste; acrid; harsh; piercing; painful; distressing; mournful.