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  1. It is a well -documented fact that guys will not ask for directions. This is a biological thing. This is why it takes several million sperm cells... to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin. – Dave Barry
  2. Half -jokingly, I asked what was wrong with me. So we made a deal: I would run his biological research provided I had a free hand to run my new project. – James W. Black
  3. If you take the biological weapons in the United States we still will have perhaps a single individual who was able to make anthrax, dry it, and spread it through the mail and cause terror. – Hans Blix
  4. There are no black conservatives. Oh, there are neoconservatives with black skin, but they lack any claim to blackness other than the biological They have forgotten their roots. – Stephen Carter
  5. Biological engineering is not necessarily understanding systems but rather, I want to be able to design and build biological systems to perform particular applications. – Drew Endy
  6. Dying before dying has two important consequences: It liberates the individual from the fear of death and influences the actual experience of dying at the time of biological demise. – Stanislav Grof
  7. Traditional academic science describes human beings as highly developed animals and biological thinking machines. We appear to be Newtonian objects made of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organs. – Stanislav Grof
  8. This work made me more and more interested in biological matter, and I decided that I really wanted to work on the X -ray analysis of biological molecules. – Aaron Klug
  9. The fact that biological or "natural" rules might help in the creation of a computer generated work of art is interesting, but even a wonderful work of art made in this fashion isn't the same as a person, with all his or her experiences and emotions involved, making art. – Steven Levy
  10. The natural superiority of women is a biological fact, and a socially acknowledged reality. – Ashley Montagu
  11. And they will tell you unequivocally that if we have a chemical or biological attack or a nuclear attack anywhere in this country, they are unprepared to deal with it today, and that is of high urgency. – Warren Rudman
  12. Unless one is a religious fundamentalist and believes that man was created in the image and likeness of God, it is foolish to believe that human beings are exempt from biological classification and the laws of evolution that apply to all other life forms. – J. Philippe Rushton
  13. There is nothing to indicate any biological need for an exclusive primary bond; nothing to suggest that mothering cannot be shared by several people. – H. R. Schaffer
  14. These studies resulted eventually in a complete sequence analysis of the complex from several species, and in the atomic resolution structure of the F catalytic domain of the enzyme from bovine mitochondria, giving new insights into how ATP is made in the biological world. – John E. Walker

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  1. In studying biological phenomena we are all at present in the intellectual position of our imaginary teleologist when studying the marine bay: we do not know the natural causes which have produced the observed results. – Thoughts on Religion by George John Romanes
  2. " I hope you have been noting these different emotional situations and reactions among your friends carefully in your record, Evelina," she continued in an interested and biological tone of voice and expression of eye. – The Tinder-Box by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. War is the biological culture- medium. – The Forerunners by Romain Rolland
  4. In the biological respect the Chinese plan of non- resistance has proved eminently successful. – An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation by Thorstein Veblen
  5. The attempt of the biological science of our time to wipe out all distinctions between the living and the non- living, solely because scientific analysis reveals no difference, is a curious and interesting phenomenon. – The Breath of Life by John Burroughs
  6. The Biological Survey is quietly working for the good of our agricultural interests, and is an excellent example of a Government bureau which conducts original scientific research the findings of which are of much practical utility. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  7. It is undoubtedly in that nature and disposition of the biological molecules that Tyndall's whole " mystery and miracle of vitality" is wrapped up. – The Breath of Life by John Burroughs
  8. Lucy and Katherine would be in the Biological Laboratory until dinner time, and Leila and Vera were invited to a tea given by a senior to ten of her class- mates. –  by
  9. But a too rigid application of biological principles lands one in error. – Determinism or Free-Will? by Chapman Cohen
  10. It may be found fully recorded step by step in any biological manual. – Men, Women, and God by A. Herbert Gray
  11. My interest was in the biological portion of the project. – The Electronic Mind Reader by John Blaine
  12. There is, however, a difference between the highly evolved organism, man, and the less complex organisms; between animal and human evolution; between biological and moral progress. – Evolution by Frank B. Jevons
  13. The relation is apt to be one of succession and influence rather than anything suggesting biological evolution. – The Booklover and His Books by Harry Lyman Koopman
  14. The governmental experiment station ought to establish regular psychological laboratories, in which the mental processes involved in the farmer's activity would be examined with the same loyalty to modern science with which the chemical questions of the soil or the biological questions of the parasites are furthered. – Psychology and Social Sanity by Hugo Münsterberg
  15. A being, after all, did the tricks that nature prompted him to do for the sweet bait of pleasure and so from the perspective of carrying out those functions that biological creatures were meant to, the physical and perhaps only basis of morality, his own behavior was exemplary. – An Apostate: Nawin of Thais by Steven Sills
  16. In Russia we have gone far with the biological psychological sciences. – Voyage To Eternity by Milton Lesser
  17. It is therefore very interesting to compare them from a biological point of view. – Freshwater Sponges, Hydroids & Polyzoa by Nelson Annandale
  18. The specimens concerned are in the Biological Surveys Collection of the U. S. Nat. – Comments on the Taxonomy and Geographic Distribution of Some North American Marsupials, Insectivores and Carnivores by E. Raymond Hall Keith R. Kelson
  19. It is tricked by a biological parallel, by which the chicken always comes out of the egg " at the right time." – The Crimes of England by G.K. Chesterton
  20. Geological time is very different from biological time. – Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann

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