Usage examples for bills

  1. Then they came back, drew their chairs close up to Douglas's desk and Maxwell said: " Mr. Douglas, we have come to see you about some of these proposed bills of yours. – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  2. And Henry de Spain, when he heard this miserable creature had been taken to the hospital, and Doctor Torpy said she could never get well, told the Sister to take care of her and send the bills to him, because he knew her father and mother in Medicine Bend and went to school with her there when she was a decent girl. – Nan of Music Mountain by Frank H. Spearman
  3. Sue took the bills that Balcome held out, and gave them to Tottie. – Apron-Strings by Eleanor Gates
  4. I order what I like, and pay the bills when they come. – The Gold of Chickaree by Susan Warner
  5. He began to count the bills, and, as if by common consent, the Four followed suit. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  6. Here is my offer- to pay M. Sechard's debts and six thousand francs, and another three thousand francs in bills at twelve and fifteen months, he added. – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac
  7. But then I owe some bills." – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  8. Tell me, isn't your husband at his wit's end to think how to meet the bills for his illness and all and all? – IT and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris
  9. It's just this, says she; you may think there is no end, but it will come to an end, notwithstanding: what with the rent, and furnishing the house, and the new clothes you got me, and the weekly bills, we have spent fifty pounds of it already. – The Loss of the Royal George by W.H.G. Kingston
  10. Cassowary, my son, I'm going to hide those bills of yours in the lining of my coat for safety. – The Madness of May by Meredith Nicholson
  11. He pushed the bills toward North. – The Just and the Unjust by Vaughan Kester
  12. And you look more like a gentleman sitting in his own- ship- you know, looking over his bills and getting ready to give his orders. – Frontier Stories by Bret Harte
  13. More people change doctors because they owe big bills than for any other reason. – How to Collect a Doctor Bill by Frank P. Davis
  14. Did she imagine, this girl, that hotel bills were of any moment to him? – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)
  15. She can't afford to pay many doctor's bills, and I ask you again, how is she to get to school? – The Cromptons by Mary J. Holmes
  16. " It was bills that made my mother unhappy- broke her heart. – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  17. Brother, we were more welcome, had we brought more bills and bows at our backs! – The Last Of The Barons, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  18. Our printer's bills in the future will be as large as at present, but we shall get more for our money. – The Booklover and His Books by Harry Lyman Koopman
  19. We always have more or less of a fuss when my school bills come in. – The Luckiest Girl in the School by Angela Brazil
  20. About this time I was asked to give a lecture on China in a village not very far from London, and agreed to do so on condition that there should be no collection, and that this should be announced on the bills. – A Retrospect by James Hudson Taylor