Definitions of bid

  1. To offer; command; order.
  2. To make an offer of; to propose. Specifically : To offer to pay ( a certain price, as for a thing put up at auction), or to take ( a certain price, as for work to be done under a contract).
  3. To offer in words; to declare, as a wish, a greeting, a threat, or defiance, etc.; as, to bid one welcome; to bid good morning, farewell, etc.
  4. To proclaim; to declare publicly; to make known.
  5. To order; to direct; to enjoin; to command.
  6. To invite; to call in; to request to come.
  7. To make a bid; to state what one will pay or take.
  8. To make an offer of; to propose as a price; to offer for; to invite; to offer or express by words; as, to bid a welcome; to command; to order or direct.
  9. To offer: to propose: to proclaim: to invite: to command:- pr. p. bidding; pa. t. bid or bade; pa. p. bid, bidden.
  10. To ask for: to pray ( nearly obs.).
  11. To offer; invite; command.
  12. To pray.
  13. To make an offer; to offer a price.
  14. ask for or request earnestly; " The prophet bid all people to become good persons"
  15. make a serious effort to attain something; " His campaign bid for the attention of the poor population"
  16. propose a payment; as at sales or auctions; " The Swiss dealer offered $ 2 million for the painting"
  17. To invite; to command; to offer; to propose; to proclaim; to wish. To bid beads, to pray with beads. To bid fair, to open or offer a good prospect; to appear likely.
  18. To tell to do; to request; to offer a price; to wish.
  19. Bidding.
  20. ( bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make
  21. propose a payment; " The Swiss dealer offered $ 2 million for the painting"
  22. make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands; " He called his trump"
  23. imp. & amp; p. p. of Bid.
  24. imp. & p. p. of Bid.
  25. An offer of a price.
  26. An offer to pay or accept a price.
  27. Bidder.
  28. An offer of a price, as at an auction.
  29. An offer at an auction.
  30. Bade or bid.
  31. Bid or bade.
  32. Bidden, bid.