Usage examples for belated

  1. This programme being duly enacted, the telegraph stations remained for years as an outward and visible sign of the only piece of work which Harry Garnett was ever known to accomplish before the hour of his belated breakfast. – A College Girl by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  2. They approved, they admired in her one of the belated fancies of rich, capricious, violent old women- the more marked, moreover, because the result of no plot; and they piled up the possible results for the person concerned. – The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2 by Henry James
  3. But those orders on the 16th were not only belated: they contributed to the defeat on the north side. – The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2) by John Holland Rose
  4. Scattered gusts hurried on like weary and belated followers. – Darrel of the Blessed Isles by Irving Bacheller
  5. And there is my lady Greygown, already up and dressed, standing by the breakfast- table and laughing at my belated appearance. – Little Rivers A Book Of Essays In Profitable Idleness by Henry van Dyke
  6. Thereupon Pierre, without venturing either to express his own astonishment at finding them there themselves, or to ask them what they were doing, explained that he had been belated through accompanying Abbe Rose on a visit to a night refuge. – Paris From the "Three Cities" by Emile Zola
  7. If we are such, it is not fated You are for him, howe'er belated The time's for us. – Toward the Gulf by Edgar Lee Masters
  8. She laughed, forgetful of everything else for the moment, in a funny sense of belated dismay. – Every Man for Himself by Hopkins Moorhouse
  9. There was some shuffling, too, of footsteps, and some pushing about of furniture, then the door was opened, and a gruff voice invited the belated visitors to enter. – El Dorado by Baroness Orczy
  10. He makes the proper, if somewhat belated request, that Mr. and Mrs. Bryce will look upon him kindly as a son- in- law." – The Cricket by Marjorie Cooke
  11. " We always keep a room for belated young married couples," said the obsequious, smiling hostess. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  12. These are the figures one mostly sees at Saratoga; there is very little youth of the present day there, but the youth of the past abounds, with the belated yellow hair and the purple moustaches, which gave a notion of greater wickedness in a former generation. – An Open-Eyed Conspiracy--An Idyl of Saratoga by William Dean Howells
  13. Esme, passing the open windows later on her way into the garden, saw the man seated alone at the table in the deserted room, eating in solitary discomfort, while the coloured servant cleared the table in a manner of sulky protest against this belated service. – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young
  14. After an interval some other official sounds a pocket whistle, and then there is still time for a belated passenger to find his car and scramble aboard. – Familiar Spanish Travels by W. D. Howells
  15. The belated moon looks over the roofs, and finds no one to welcome her. – Hyperion by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow