Definitions of beg

  1. To practise beggining; to live by asking alms.
  2. To ask in charity; ask for earnestly; beseech; entreat with humility; ask as a favor; to practice asking for alms.
  3. To ask pleadingly; entreat; supplicate; beseech; ask alms.
  4. To ask earnestly for; to entreat or supplicate for; to beseech.
  5. To ask for as a charity, esp. to ask for habitually or from house to house.
  6. To make petition to; to entreat; as, to beg a person to grant a favor.
  7. To take for granted; to assume without proof.
  8. To ask to be appointed guardian for, or to ask to have a guardian appointed for.
  9. To ask earnestly: to beseech: to take for granted:- pr. p. begging; pa. p. begged'.
  10. To entreat; beseech.
  11. To ask alms or charity, especially to ask habitually by the wayside or from house to house; to live by asking alms.
  12. To ask alms.
  13. call upon in supplication; entreat; " I beg you to stop!"
  14. make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently; " Henry IV solcited the Pope for a divorce"; " My neighbor keeps soliciting money for different charities"
  15. ask to obtain free; " beg money and food"
  16. To ask or supplicate in charity; to ask earnestly; to entreat or beseech; to take for granted.
  17. To ask earnestly; to beseech; to entreat; to solicit charity; to take for granted; to assume.
  18. begging
  19. A title of honor in Turkey and in some other parts of the East; a bey.
  20. The governor of a town or district, more particularly the lord of a sanjak, or banner, in Turkey; the prince or king in Tunis.
  21. Begged.