Definitions of befit

  1. To be worthy of or suitable for.
  2. Befitting.
  3. Befittingly.
  4. Befitted.
  5. To fit, or be suitable to:- pr. p. befitting; pa. p. befitted.
  6. To fit; become; be suitable to.
  7. To be suitable for; be worthy of.
  8. To suit; to be suitable to; to become.
  9. To suit; to become.

Usage examples for befit

  1. Then the heroes brought to pass that the noble Giselher took her to wife, as did well befit a king. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown
  2. They wore before the stranger knights rich cloth of silk, the best that could be found, and so many a goodly robe, which well befit their ample beauty. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown
  3. What suits the soldier does not befit the merchant. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  4. Any strong observations on it I feel sincerely would ill befit the solemnity of this scene; but I would earnestly beseech of you, my Lord,- you who preside on that bench,- when the passions and prejudices of this hour have passed away, to appeal to your own conscience, and to ask of it, was your charge as it ought to have been, impartial and indifferent between the subject and the crown? – The American Union Speaker by John D. Philbrick
  5. This, I felt, was paid to me as being President of the republic, and I endeavoured to behave myself with such mingled humility and dignity as might befit the occasion; but I could not but feel that something was wanting to the simplicity of my ordinary life. – The Fixed Period by Anthony Trollope
  6. Ilbrahim, seated by the side of his adopted mother, and retaining fast hold of her hand, assumed a grave and decorous demeanor, such as might befit a person of matured taste and understanding, who should find him self in a temple dedicated to some worship which he did not recognize, but felt himself bound to respect. – From-Twice-Told-Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel
  7. The things of mortals best befit mortality. – The Extant Odes of Pindar by Pindar
  8. When they cast them off, then did they as might the right befit. – The Lay of the Cid by R. Selden Rose and Leonard Bacon
  9. That is Hagen's counsel, that ye may so be found as doth befit your honor. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown
  10. Then spake the noble Margrave Rudeger: " Shall any other who would gladly serve you come from this hall, let us hear the tale, and lasting peace shall well befit good friends." – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown