Definitions of beef

  1. complain; " What was he hollering about?"
  2. Black cattle.
  3. cattle that are reared for their meat
  4. The flesh of an ox, or cow, or of any adult bovine animal, when slaughtered for food.
  5. Applied colloquially to human flesh.
  6. The flesh of an ox, bull, or cow, when killed for food; the name applied in a cattle country to an ox, cow, or bull when full grown.
  7. The flesh of an ox or cow:- pl. BEEVES, used in orig. sense, oxen.
  8. The flesh of horned cattle.
  9. The flesh of a slaughtered adult bovine animal.
  10. Any adult bovine animal.
  11. The flesh of animals of the ox, bull, or cow kind.
  12. Of, pertaining to, or resembling, beef.