Usage examples for beef

  1. The Boer carries on his horse one hundred rounds of ammunition, and rations of sun- dried beef sufficient for four days. – The Siege of Mafeking (1900) by J. Angus Hamilton
  2. But Bernardin's dinner was very simple; it consisted of soup, beef, and a dish of potatoes. – Monsieur Cherami by Charles Paul de Kock
  3. End of Project Gutenberg's Louisiana Beef Cattle, by William Carter Stubbs – Louisiana Beef Cattle by William Carter Stubbs
  4. Rosalie kept a light burning, and every now and then mended the little fire, that the beef- tea might be ready whenever her mother wanted it. – A Peep Behind the Scenes by Mrs. O. F. Walton
  5. The Typa is filling up so rapidly that we never could get out now without a scrape, and the senior officer perhaps thought it better we should move before we had formed a bar with our beef bones. – Kathay: A Cruise in the China Seas by W. Hastings Macaulay
  6. At that moment I wished him anywhere, for I guessed quite rightly that he had driven over to Sampford with some men whose luncheon would not consist of cold beef and beer. – Godfrey Marten, Undergraduate by Charles Turley
  7. Good- night, Mr. Juxon- beef tea and brandy every quarter of an hour. – A Tale of a Lonely Parish by F. Marion Crawford
  8. I can give them water, and I can give them beef tea. – Opportunities by Susan Warner
  9. Mrs. Field said: Beef, beef- everywhere beef. – Other Main-Travelled Roads by Hamlin Garland
  10. All the beef to the heels were in. – Ulysses by James Joyce
  11. I suspect most of the beef I have eaten of late is horse; anyhow, it does not taste like ordinary beef. – Diary of the Besieged Resident in Paris by Henry Labouchère
  12. I know, but they're more the size of a side of beef! – Patty's Suitors by Carolyn Wells
  13. Beef and Mutton Soup. – Hand-Book of Practical Cookery for Ladies and Professional Cooks by Pierre Blot
  14. The English child at the leeside of a roast of beef. – The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 24 (of 25) by Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang
  15. The light lunch of cold boiled beef and potatoes was soon disposed of, and then the hour for starting to Sunday school had arrived, bringing with it a great relief, and making Elizabeth completely forget her troubles. – 'Lizbeth of the Dale by Marian Keith
  16. About 4 P. M. news was brought that Presquisle and Beef River Forts, which had been established by the French, and were now occupied by the English, had been destroyed by the Indians.... – The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman
  17. Some people corn meat by throwing it into their beef barrel for a few days; but this method does not make it so sweet. – The American Frugal Housewife by Lydia M. Child
  18. Because it is the end of beef. – Entertainments for Home, Church and School by Frederica Seeger