Quotes of Beans

  1. Experience has taught me to believe that, these human beans are the most insidious enemies man, with a tendency to corpulence in advanced life, can possess, though eminently friendly to youth. – William Banting
  2. For the sake of argument and illustration I will presume that certain articles of ordinary diet, however beneficial in youth, are prejudicial in advanced life, like beans to a horse, whose common ordinary food is hay and corn. – William Banting
  3. I could have a roomful of awards and it wouldn't mean beans – Bobby Darin
  4. Laughter is the valve on the pressure cooker of life. Either you laugh and suffer, or you got your beans or brains on the ceiling. – Wavy Gravy
  5. Botanically speaking, tomatoes are the fruit of a vine, just as are cucumbers, squashes, beans and peas. – Horace Gray
  6. I like refried beans That's why I wanna try fried beans because maybe they're just as good and we're just wasting time. You don't have to fry them again after all. – Mitch Hedberg
  7. The high food value of field beans and the shortage of supply due to the light yields of 1915 and 1916 render them of great importance in the regions to which they are adapted. – David F. Houston
  8. Affirmative action has a negative effect on our society when it means counting us like so many beans and dividing us into separate piles. – John Kasich
  9. Starbucks now spends more on health care than it does on coffee beans – Will Marshall
  10. In playing or managing, the game of ball is only fun for me when I'm out in front and winning. I don't give a hill of beans for the rest of the game. – John McGraw
  11. I weighed 190 when I got to boot camp, I came out at 178. I ate only the beans and tomato sauce. – Tom Sizemore
  12. In general I love to eat anything. I enjoy anything that is well prepared, a good spaghetti, lasagna, taco, steak, sushi, refried beans – Martin Yan

Usage examples for Beans

  1. But this day they had a fine steak, brought out from Tomo by Pop the evening before, and they had beans with plenty of pork and molasses in them, cream biscuits, which Pop could make delicious beyond belief, to say nothing of canned tomatoes with bits of dried bread in them, and coffee as black as night. – Way of the Lawless by Max Brand
  2. So she gave me a mess of beans and meat, and a little ground nut cake. – Captivity and Restoration by Mrs. Mary Rowlandson
  3. The supper began with soup, made from the left- over beans and the hog's jaw of dinner. – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  4. " You can have your meals, if you'll come to 'em," said Mrs. Purcell, picking her beans – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  5. For dinner there was hog- jowl and beans bitter with salt, yellow with salt, but apparently greatly to the liking of Isom, whose natural food seemed to be the very essence of salt. – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  6. Rupert said to tell you that while he doesn't care for beans as a rule, the beans we found in our cupboard were very superior beans – Ralestone Luck by Andre Norton
  7. Six white sides were turned up and taking two beans from the common heap he started a pile of his own. – The Hunters of the Hills by Joseph Altsheler
  8. Simmer until the beans are tender, drain, season with butter, salt, and pepper, and serve hot. – The Myrtle Reed Cook Book by Myrtle Reed
  9. He quickly reached for the falling candy, but he accidentally hit a glass jar filled with jelly beans – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue by Laura Lee Hope
  10. Then he said aloud, " Let's try beans – H. R. by Edwin Lefevre
  11. Somehow, it always makes me feel stiff when she " Betty's" me, as my old nurse says it does with your ears if you eat broad beans – Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water by Lowell, Orson
  12. And it's just as you say; there's more to farmin' than beans – The Hills of Hingham by Dallas Lore Sharp
  13. White bread and pies should not be set in the oven until the brown bread and beans have been in half an hour. – The American Frugal Housewife by Lydia M. Child
  14. May 11 it was cut to 20 grams, and he became sugar- free and remained so until June 8, when he was discharged, taking the following diet: String beans 3 tablespoonfuls. – The Starvation Treatment of Diabetes by Lewis Webb Hill Rena S. Eckman
  15. " Come out to supper, then, while the beans are hot," said Alice. – The Damnation of Theron Ware by Harold Frederic
  16. The explanation was made at a combination meal, serving for both dinner and supper, and consisting exclusively of beans – Famous Adventures And Prison Escapes of the Civil War by Various
  17. When all was ready, we sat down to the finest of corn- cakes, beans eggs, and tender kidmeat. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr
  18. " But they're pretty ones," said Corny, taking one of the beans in her hand. – A Jolly Fellowship by Frank R. Stockton
  19. Suppose we take it for a visit to the beans and see if they grow like it. – Uncle Robert's Geography (Uncle Robert's Visit, V.3) by Francis W. Parker and Nellie Lathrop Helm
  20. I didn't realize how game they were, Beans but they sure were game! – The Boy Scouts on a Submarine by Captain John Blaine

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