Usage examples for beach

  1. " Only, I should have to bring John, and he wouldn't know what to do with himself on a beach," Isabelle remarked. – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  2. There was a nice beach near the place where they were fishing. – Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland by Jeremiah Curtin
  3. It is very hot on the beach, I think; don't you? – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers
  4. He could only stand upon the beach out of their reach. – Lost in the Fog by James De Mille
  5. Isn't that Betty Davis over there under the beach umbrella? – Penny Nichols Finds a Clue by Joan Clark
  6. We simply live on fish at the beach. – Vacation with the Tucker Twins by Nell Speed
  7. It'll be cold on the beach. – Mr. Trunnell by T. Jenkins Hains
  8. 5070. Have you any boys on the beach? – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  9. He was on the Aberystwith beach when I got there, though it was only half- past six. – Set in Silver by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  10. I watched every night on the beach. – Montlivet by Alice Prescott Smith
  11. Gaudaur got just in front of Beach, and could not get away. – Boating by W. B. Woodgate Commentator: Harvey Mason
  12. He left the lodge followed by the Red Head, and walked until he came upon the beach of the island, near the spot where they had first landed. – The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, Mythologic and Allegoric, of the North American Indians by Henry R. Schoolcraft
  13. Here we are," she added, as they passed the sand hills and came out on the long, level beach. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  14. Then Linda Beach appeared. – Long Ago, Far Away by William Fitzgerald Jenkins AKA Murray Leinster
  15. And so it proved,- soft and pure,- although within twenty feet of the salt water at the beach. – The Last Cruise of the Saginaw by George H. Read
  16. Nowhere is there a beach. – The Book of the National Parks by Robert Sterling Yard
  17. She was out walking on the beach with a gentleman. – The City of Fire by Grace Livingston Hill
  18. Well, there's not much question about one of them, the one who was drowned at Bradley Beach. – Death Points a Finger by Will Levinrew
  19. We'll all wake up tomorrow and go to the beach. – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
  20. Is she still on the beach? – The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins