Definitions of backward

  1. The state behind or past.
  2. Backwardness.
  3. Alt. of Backwards
  4. Toward the rear; with the back coming first; as, to tumble over backward.
  5. Backwards, backwardly.
  7. Backwards.
  8. With the back foremost; to wards the back; on the back; towards past times; by way of reflection; from a better to a worse state; in time past; reversely; from the end to the beginning; in a contrary manner.
  9. retarded in intellectual development
  10. directed or facing toward the back or rear; " a backward view"
  11. ( used of temperament or behavior) marked by a retiring nature; " a backward lover"
  12. at or to or toward the back or rear; " he moved back"; " tripped when he stepped backward"; " she looked rearward out the window of the car"
  13. Directed to the back or rear; as, backward glances.
  14. Unwilling; averse; reluctant; hesitating; loath.
  15. Not well advanced in learning; not quick of apprehension; dull; inapt; as, a backward child.
  16. Late or behindhand; as, a backward season.
  17. Not advanced in civilization; undeveloped; as, the country or region is in a backward state.
  18. Already past or gone; bygone.
  19. Directed to the rear; moving or done in a way opposite to the normal way; reversed; reluctant; hesitating; retiring; bashful; behind in learning or progress; dull; as, a backward pupil; behindhand; late.
  20. Keeping back: unwilling: slow: late; also, bashful, timid. ( Amer.).
  21. Behind; unwilling; slow.
  22. To the rear; with the hinder part in advance.
  23. Turned to the back or rear; reversed.
  24. Retiring; bashful.
  25. Slow; dull.
  26. Late; behindhand.
  27. Unwilling; hesitating; dilatory; dull of apprehension; behind in progress; behind in time.
  28. Unwilling; slow; dull.