Definitions of Babying

  1. of Baby

Usage examples for Babying

  1. Well, I don't care- Mother hangs around babying me as if I were six years old! – Chicken Little Jane by Lily Munsell Ritchie
  2. Babying is shooting so as not to send the taw too far. – Healthful Sports for Boys by Alfred Rochefort
  3. You're babying yourself out of everything you'd really like to do. – Over the Line by Harold M. Sherman
  4. I'm not cry- babying, but just want to gas along on the subject for a while. – Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman by Emma Speed Sampson
  5. And then just before I left- we came away mighty unexpectedly- Katy Stutz-" " Katy Stutz-" " Yes, came to sew for a family I had boarding with me, and she said she heard you had left him for good and that your parents took sides with your husband and had him in their home, occupying your very room, and that your mother was as fussy over him as she ever was over you, babying him to death. – Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl by Fannie Hurst
  6. He took him when he was a little kid and keeps babying him yet. – Killykinick by Mary T. Waggaman
  7. For every line he was talking up there, I could see my boy coming home to me some day better than anything I could make out of him, babying him the way I can't help doing. – Gaslight Sonatas by Fannie Hurst
  8. He was having his hardest time trying to keep from babying himself. – Over the Line by Harold M. Sherman
  9. Aunt Barbara was a great annoyance, and she complained to Eunice and Mrs. Jones, and Melinda, who had returned from Washington, that she was spoiling Ethelyn, babying her so, and making her think herself so much weaker than she was. – Ethelyn's Mistake by Mary Jane Holmes
  10. T. O. was as small and thin as Billy, but no one thought of taking care of T. O. or babying her. – Four Girls and a Compact by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  11. He forced the issue- though he probably went cry- babying to you with some other version! – The Monk of Hambleton by Armstrong Livingston