Usage examples for babbitt

  1. Since the babbitt metal in a bearing is apt to close across the bore when cooling after being poured, a mandrel of slightly larger diameter than the diameter of the journal should be used in place of the working journal to run the bearing on. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. We lament not so much what Babbitt is as what he is trying to be. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward
  3. I had never seen one, and did not know how it worked, with the result that we soon burned up the babbitt metal in the bearings and spent a good part of the night getting them in order. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  4. Professor Babbitt would have us back to Aristotle, or back to our senses, which is roughly the same thing. – Aspects of Literature by J. Middleton Murry
  5. " Yes, sir; directly, sir," says Babbitt – Shorty McCabe by Sewell Ford